About the project

In 2012, Schrack Seconet installed the fire safety system in KazTransOil JSC's communication centres. Most of the communication centres were unattended buildings, located along an extensive network of oil pipelines in the Republic of Kazakhstan. Schrack Seconet used the customer's local company network to transmit information to central dispatch points. Today, around 80 stations of the Integral CX, each with 16 parts, have now connect in a network using Integral LAN technology.

One of the advantages of Integral IP is that it's already had integrated control functions for fire extinguishing systems.

KazTransOil chose the Integral IP fire alarm system because it offered the option to connect many fire alarm control panels in one network and the convenience of innovative remote access. The project is now characterised by decentralised large-scale placement of equipment for fire safety systems, despite sometimes difficult terrain.

About the solution

One of the fire alarm control panels in each Integral LAN network is now located geographically in KazTransOil's control room. All the dispatch centre stations have been connected to a network at a higher hierarchical level, Seconet. This now ensures the transmission of data from the fire extinguishing system of local facilities to the central control station of KazTransOil JSC.

In the central control room, information is conveniently displayed on multiple SecoLOG IP and Remote Message monitoring systems. Additionally, SMS messages are transmitted to mobile phones of those responsible for the end customer. As a result, the customer receives information about fire safety systems quickly and conveniently.

The IP technologies also provides remote access to devices, which significantly reduces system maintenance costs. The development of a new technology from Schrack Seconet, for the integration of fire alarm control panels into the integrated WAN network, has opened up new opportunities for this project to expand further and increase overall system efficiency.

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