Swiss Care Center Nidelbad

About the project

The nursing facility Nidelbald in Switzerland specialises with its several wards of the 3.5 hectares-sized area in transitional and long-term care. A special focus is put on the care for patients suffering from dementia. At the moment, there are 120 residents living in the Care Center, which is located in the village of Rüschlikon above Lake Zurich. For this reason, well-planned safety measures are a must at premises as vast as this, especially so in case of disoriented people.

About the solution

With Schrack Seconet’s solution Securwatch it is no longer necessary to monitor exits permanently. All exits of the facilities and the premises are protected by sensors. Therefore, if one of these floors threshold is crossed, a message is immediately sent via a bracelet attached to patients’ wrists. It can be individually defined who of the nursing staff gets the automatic notification. Thanks to Schrack Seconet’s IP technology the investment is entirely future-proof and can be expanded as required.

Swiss Care Center Nidelbad
Rüschlikon, Switzerland
Hospital/Geriatric medicine/Nursing


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