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About the project

DIAPLASIS Medical Rehabilitation Hospital is located 500 metres outside the city centre of Kalamata and covers an area of 13,000 square metres. Above all, the hospital is known for its highly developed technical equipment and effective rehabilitation approaches. For example, the hospital has Lokomats, a robotic gait therapy device, and special treadmills that are used for rehabilitation in cases of neurological movement deficiencies. DIAPLASIS also offers therapeutic methods, such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy, of the highest standards.

About the solution

The rehabilitation centre includes 97 rehabilitation beds and independent step-down units, with 10 standard beds equipped with Visocall IP. The communication platform Visocall IP supports a seamless communication network that connects all persons, rooms and facilities, thereby offering the highest level of security. This makes it easier for patients and staff to carry out their daily routine. Furthermore, Schrack Seconet has implemented TV terminals, entertainment and overall variety in every hospital.

DIAPLASIS Rehabilitation Centre
Kalamata, Greece
Hospital/Geriatric medicine/Nursing

Visocall IP

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