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Medical Park, a Turkish group of companies, which operates 16 private health centres is widely known far beyond the Turkish borders. One of them is the LIV Hospital in Istanbul, which was opened a few years ago and holds 150 beds. The hospital puts so much emphasis on exclusiveness and wants to offer the best to patients when it comes to everyday communication. Many patients from other countries come to Istanbul to have their health restored. Additionally, the LIV Hospital contonously invests in technological innovations an attaches great importance to the training and education of doctors and staff. International research meetings and training programs for discussing the latest medical standards, which take place at the hospital,  demonstrate the high quality level of the LIV Hospital.

About the solution

Schrack Seconet has installed a basic Visocall IP system at Medical Park Hospital, including room terminals with displays. As the hospital has special designed room doors, Visocall IP activates LEDs in case of calls and in case of nurse or doctor being present in a room. Each floor accommodates 3 nurse desks with ward terminal at each of them.

LIV Hospital
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Visocall IP

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