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In December 1901, the Jenny & Schindler power stations began supplying electricity to the Vorarlberg communities of Rieden-Vorkloster and Kennelbach. This was the beginning of the combined illwerke vkw AG future. Today, the traditional energy supply companies Vorarlberger Illwerke AG and Vorarlberger Kraftwerke AG are now under the Illwerke/VKW umbrella and generate electricity exclusively from renewable energy sources - primarily hydroelectric power. The company supplies sustainable energy to both private households and major business customers. By generating and distributing green electricity, illwerke vkw AG keeps pace with the times, recognising ecological, and therefore sustainable management, is important for energy companies today.

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Schrack Seconet is also known for modern technology and forward-looking thinking – and this is what attracted illwerke vkw AG. Numerous power generator plants have been equipped with Integral fire alarm control panels from Schrack Seconet. More than 1,000 detectors now monitor events in a total of 14 different power plants and substations throughout Vorarlberg. Schrack Seconet had individual solutions at the ready; the fire alarm systems needed to be integrated into specified distribution cabinets – and Schrack Seconet perfectly met this requirement.

illwerke vkw AG
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