Amazon Logistics Centre

Comprehensive fire safety for new logistics centre

About the project

Two years ago, the Internet mail order giant Amazon opened a logistics centre in Dobroviz for return dispatch, in the Czech Republic. Now a second distribution centre, with an area of 95,000 m2, has been opened directly next to it. In keeping with the dimensions of this nearly 1km-long hall, Schrack Seconet installed an Integral IP fire alarm system with ASD 535 aspirating smoke detectors

Dobroviz is located in Prague's affluent suburbs and, with its proximity to the airport and the motorway, is extremely favourable for the Internet retailer Amazon. They employ 1,500 regular employees at their new logistics centre. By 2018, the employee number should increase to 2,000. Strengthened by seasonal workers, the group can now handle millions of orders every day and is now well prepared for peak periods, such as the Christmas season. The distribution hub is intended to supply customers from all over Europe.

About the solution

Fire safety for the huge warehouse, which is roughly the size of 13 football pitches, was one of the biggest projects at Schrack Seconet in the first half of 2015. With its high rows of shelves and countless stacked goods, the special area required the installing aspirating smoke detectors. A piping system was also installed along the shelves.

In addition to the special fire alarm systems already installed, other systems for the high-rack warehouses are to follow. The ASD 535 detector actively draws in the room air and can detect smoke very quickly. The pipelines are constantly monitored by the evaluation unit. This not only detects smoke, but also contamination or broken pipes. Therefore, only the easily accessible evaluation unit needs to be maintained and goods do not need to be moved. Additiionally, a total of more than 5,000 fire detectors are in use at the site, with around 600 sirens for alarm notifications. All of the fire alarm technology is controlled via seven central units.

Amazon Logistics Centre
Prague, Czech Republic
Transport and Logistics
Client: Amazon


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