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Gedeon Richter Plc. were founded in Hungary in 1901, by Gedeon Richter and are the largest manufacturer of pharmaceuticals in the country. Thanks to their unique sales and marketing network, the multinational firm's products are available in 100 countries worldwide. Besides production, the group also focuses on research and development. Their high technical standards are consistently maintained, including in the field of fire protection.

About the solution

In the 90s, Schrack Seconet had already started to equip the Gedeon Richter Plc building in Budapest with fire alarm systems and continually kept them state of the art. Currently 44 Integral IP panels are connected by a SecoNET network and with Secolog, all 16,000 fire detectors can be clearly identified. Gedeon Richter Plc have locations across Hungary. At the Dorog location, Schrack Seconet installed 16 fire alarm panels and a Secolog fire alarm management system. When building the new factory in Debrecen, Hungary, the highest quality was also required, so they opted for security solutions from Schrack Seconet. The plant is now equipped with seven fire alarm panels and a Secolog fire alarm management system.

Gedeon Richter
Budapest, Hungary

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