Malmö City Tunnel

About the project

Schrack Seconet provides path-breaking security in Malmö City Tunnel. The passenger train track opened in December 2010, and has considerably shortened the travelling times to and from Malmö, in the south of Sweden. The 6 km underground tunnel is only a short part of the 17 km rail link between Malmö Central Station and the Öresund Line. Shortening the distance between the stations has increased the capacity of the Scanian network, while reducing travel time from Malmö to the Danish capital Copenhagen, which is 30 kms away.

About the solution

Schrack Seconet equipped the tunnel with Integral fire alarm system, including smoke suction systems - a difficult, critical tasks. A commission of this scale requires meticulously-evaluated security solutions for underground rail traffic. Fires are among the most dangerous risks in tunnels because gases generated cannot move in an upward direction, as they would in more open areas. A reliable fire alarm system, with detectors that find the source of a fire within seconds, may save lives.

Malmö City Tunnel
Malmö, Sweden

Integral IP


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