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Schrack Seconet AG

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Company name: Schrack Seconet AG
Legal form: Public limited company
Year of foundation: 1994
Company headquarters: Eibesbrunnergasse 18, 1120 Vienna, Austria
Company register no: FN 123356g, Commercial Court Vienna
Court location: Vienna
UID number: ATU37395207

Line of business: Schrack Seconet AG is an Austrian industrial company that is active in the field of fire detection, communication and security systems and sells its products worldwide. The company is responsible for the entire conception, development and implementation of the products and solutions. 
Memberships in the organisation of the Chamber of Commerce: Member of the Chamber of Commerce.
Applicable legal regulations and access to them – Industrial Code see
Regulatory authority/trade authority: Magistrate of the City of Vienna, Magistratisches Bezirksamt des XII. District
Information on online dispute resolution: Consumers have the possibility to submit complaints to the EU online dispute resolution platform: You can also send any complaints to the e-mail address below.

Packaging Obligation Ordinance according to VerpackVO 2014
All commercial and household packaging of all tariff categories according to the Packaging Ordinance 2014 has been exempted from the obligation to collect under licence no. 3359 at Bonus Holsystem since 01.01.2020.

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Telephone: +43 50 857
Fax: +43 50 857-1010

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Ing. Wolfgang Kern

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Schrack Seconet AG

Eibesbrunnergasse 18
1120 Vienna, Austria
Phone: +43 50 857

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