Full protection for Spedition Berger

About the project

A cumbersome key system was used in the previous old building, which was no longer recommended for insurance reasons. Schrack Seconet secured a total of 64 doors with online and offline access control systems in the new building. The fittings and cylinders, which were provided with access rights, now also boast a modern design, both haptically and visually. The outer doors have been networked online via radio with a router and can be locked for any amount of time. In the interior of the building, access control is now primarily offline. Employees can also identify themselves with their ID card and enter designated authorised areas. 

About the solution

Schrack Seconet also installed an alarm system along with the access system. Although the two trades are separate, they communicate with each other. Among other things, this means that the alarm system can be automatically "armed" via access control. Furthermore, five video cameras have been added at strategic points for surveillance. And Schrack Seconet also took care of fire safety: A modern Integral IP fire alarm system ensures full protection.

Can be extended at any time
All these security and monitoring solutions have been centrally installed in the new building in Wörgl. From here, it's possible to monitor several locations of Spedition Berger. The systems can also be easily extended at any time. For example, the access control for a newly built multi-user warehouse in Erfurt, is currently being integrated. Thanks to the prior high level of satisfaction and cooperation, Schrack Seconet is once again on board as a supplier for Berger Logistik.

Full protection for Spedition Berger
Wörgl, Austria
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