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The Austrian company Schrack Technik GmbH is a leading technology company in networking, optimisation and the security of energy and data. The product portfolio ranges from control cabinets to relays and protective circuits to lighting and data network products. The high availability of the products is a special asset for their more than 25,000 customers in 13 countries. In order to further improve during strong growth, Schrack Technik is currently building a 19,000 square metre logistics centre in Achau, south of Vienna. The company relies on solutions from Schrack Seconet for their fire safety, alarm and Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) of the new logistics centre. "Schrack trusts Schrack" also means they place their confidence in access control.

About the solution

The outer shell of the logistics centre is already in place and the interior is being fitted out. Schrack Seconet has supplied the Integral IP fire alarm control panel. This includes combined MTD 533X smoke/heat detectors and smoke aspiration systems in the high-rack warehouse and server room, where air drawn in via a pipe system can now be checked for smoke particles, and evaluated to detect fires at the earliest stage possible.

Sensitive safety
Schrack Seconet will also install a modern Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) that is specially tailored to the needs of the customer. Furthermore, access control with individual authorisations has been carried out. In contrast to many other companies, Schrack Technik is not a fully automated warehouse, but a manually-controlled distribution centre, where approximately 100 highly-qualified employees help ensure the quality of the deliveries. Employees will now also receive a token that interacts with an authorisation-concept running in the background. Schrack Seconet has also installed a time-recording system; Current employees' working time is recorded via terminals and automatically transferred to the payroll accounting program via an interface.

Central location
The new logistics centre in Achau, which bundles all previous Schrack Technik storage locations in the Vienna area, is to start a trial operation as early as September. Regular operation will start at the end of 2018 - using modern monitoring with full security from Schrack Seconet.

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