National University of Public Service

About the project

The Parliament established Ludovika Academy in 1808, with the aim of serving as the key educational centre for Hungarian military officers, in Hungarian. The foundation stone was laid in 1831, and construction work was finished by 1836. The Hungarian Royal Defense Ludovika Academy finally opened on 21 November, 1872, and kept operating until 1944. Today the building is home to the National University of Public Service, which has seven standalone buildings, namely the Ludovika main building, the campus, the new educational facility, the special educational facility and dormitory, various sports facilities, the Ludovika square, the Orczy park, and the riding hall.

About the solution

Schrack Seconet implemented the fire alarm system at the Ludovika complex, which consists of eight fire alarm control panels. The control panels have been connected into the network via an IP solution. An independent surveillance system has also been installed to serve as a centralised graphic display dashboard, which runs the access control, CCTV and alarm systems. The buildings are now protected via multiple fire alarm sensors, connected to the Integral fire alarm panel. The buildings are equipped with a Secolog IP graphic display and a surveillance system to ensure full visibility and full-scale monitoring. The new fire alarm systems perform wide-scale control functions, including controlling fire doors, drop-down fire retardant curtains, air-engineering systems, JET ventilators, elevators, smoke and heat extraction/exhaust system, the sound system, and the access control system. The large atrium halls, with high ceilings, are protected via aspirating systems.

National University of Public Service
Budapest, Hungary

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