Hotel Grand Mark

About the project

There are many reasons for visiting the Czech metropolis of Prague. Exploring the romantic old city, strolling along the banks of the Vltava, following the tracks of Franz Kafka or resting in the deluxe hotel Grand Mark in Prague and more. The hotel in Czech Republic was opened in 2008. What once was a listed building, dating back to the 17th century, has been converted into a five-star dwelling for visitors who like to indulge in luxury.

About the solution

For the safety of guests and their property, the Hotel Grand Mark relies on the fire alarm systems of Schrack Seconet - a solution optimally suited for a high-level hotel. An Integral fire alarm panel is now the most important module in the new, highly-advanced fire protection concept. Schrack Seconet has installed 50 multi-sensor MTD detectors in the spacious hotel complex, which includes 75 rooms, a restaurant and bar. The sensor detectors now trigger an alarm whenever the even the smallest amounts of smoke is detected. However, intelligent sensor detectors ensure false alarms are avoided.  

Hotel Grand Mark
Prague, Czech Republic

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