Thessaloniki & ATTIKO METRO

About the project

Schrack Seconet, together with ZARIFOPOULOS S.A., supplied and commissioned fire detection for the new METRO in Thessaloniki, including for the expansion of Line 3 to Piraeus Port at the ATTIKO METRO. Both projects are currently under construction. Schrack Seconet used their extensive knowledge in commissioning equipment and cutting-edge technology to protect sensitive infrastructure, including all 13 stations of the Central Line and the Main Control Center – Depot. Though the original plan was to have Line 1 operational by 2012, the project turned into a solution which became known as "antiquities and metro". Some finds discovered on the line will be put on display at permanent in-station exhibitions, while the major discoveries at Venizelou will make up the world's first publicly-accessible open-air archaeological site contained in situ within a metro station.

About the solution

The fire detection system stands out by the hardware redundancy attribute which is realized not only for the CPU of Integral MX panels, but for all the electronic boards within the panels, offering maximum safety level for the continuous and unobstructed operation of the panels with full functionality. Additionally, all point-type detectors combine smoke/heat detection, which can be programmed, using detecting principles according to special conditions in each area, and depending on the time of the day and/or week. Another distinguishing feature is smoke detectors with CUBUS levelling®  and adapting automatically to environmental conditions.

Thessaloniki & ATTIKO METRO
Thessaloniki, Greece
Transport and Logistics
Client: AKTOR S.A.

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