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About the project

Antolin Ebergassing produces plastic and fabric interiors for premium car manufacturers. The car plant was formerly part of Magna Interiors, but has been a member of the Spanish Grupo Antolin for a year and employs 28,000 people in 26 countries.

The plant fire brigade in Ebergassing is deployed around 30 times a year, mainly due to smoke formation during plastics processing. Every machine downtime costs money and if the downtime last longer, the injection moulding systems may have to be reheated. "The machines may then be out of operation for an hour or so," says Nicholas Bauer, fire protection officer and deputy commander of the plant fire brigade at Antolin Ebergassing. Therefore, they sought a solution to reduce the time needed for emergency operations.

About the solution

Schrack Seconet developed a new central risk management system for mobile communication via smartphones and tablets. The new concept, implemented in collaboration with Schrack Seconet, halved the preparation time, which meant machines no longer needed to cool down and could be restarted within minutes. "In our largest production hall, there are 18 machines. Faster handling of fire alarms is a great advantage and we will achieve considerable cost savings", Bauer emphasizes.

At the core of the new concept is the SecoLOG IP risk management system. As soon as an alarm is triggered now, the fire department's mobile phones are notified and a map of the affected area, and a range of other information, is sent by e-mail. Where it used to simply say "fire brigade intervention", it now contains information about the fire zone and the detector in question, to ensure that the action force are much better informed. All information is also sent to a tablet in the fire truck. "Our premises extend over 70,000 m². Thanks to the overview on the tablet, we can immediately see where we need to go and thus navigate faster", explains Bauer.

Real-time access via tablet
The tablet is also taken to the scene of the incident and, via the IACmobile app, enables remote control of the fire alarm control panel wherever you are. "As soon as the incident occurs, we can use the tablet to turn off the sirens to communicate more easily. If it is a serious incident, we do not need to send anyone else to the fire alarm control panel, which may be some distance away. We can also reset the alarm directly, via the detector, which saves us a lot of time", says Bauer. If the alarm is triggered again, the affected detector can be put out of operation and alternative measures can be initiated. Remote access via tablets is also very convenient for a number of other tasks: When working with high temperatures, the facility can be adapted to the affected area and individual detectors can be deactivated.

Antolin Ebergassing
Ebergassing, Austria

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