Castle Bazaar

About the project

The total surface area of the 8,988-square-metre Castle Bazaar building complex was renovated. The revonation expanded the complex by 17,722 square metres and it now includes of a subterranean garage, a garden and  a  8,734-square-meter courtyard. As a result of the Castle Garden Bazaar development, a new cultural attraction and public area have also been created, offering visitors interesting programmes for all ages. A central architectural feature of the shopping centre is the "Tornado", a vortex-shaped design made of 901 panels of coloured glass and 720 opaque panels. This constellation reveals a pleasant view of the inner courtyard, lined in pine trees.

About the solution

Schrack Seconet installed approximately 1,600 optical smoke detectors connected to two Integral fire alarm control panels to secure the safety of visitors and the faithfully-restored building. The fire alarm system controls the water mist extinguisher, the elevator and the smoke vent domes. It also performs fire compartment separation and mutes the sound system. Additionally, many advanced low-voltage equipment has been installed in the building complex. Access control, intrusion detection and CCTV now all support the facility’s operation and supervision. An emergency call system is also accessible in the toilets.

Schrack Seconet implemented an independent monitoring system to serve the fire alarm and burglary systems, which have been placed in a separate dispatch building along with CCTV. Two-tiered placement of the smoke detectors was necessary in the inner atrium of the historic building. Since the Barrisol ceiling stretches under the glass roof, the optical smoke detectors were placed above the foil, with the help of sidewall fixed brackets. Linear smoke detectors were installed under the foil. In the unique network of 164 cameras, 70 are remote-controlled Speed Dome Cameras. Emergency radio transmitters ensure the timed alert of the deployment force.

Castle Bazaar
Budapest, Hungary

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