About the project

Traisenpark is the largest shopping centre in the lower Austrian capital St. Pölten. As part of a comprehensive revitalisation project, the shopping centre has implemented a real showcase system in fire protection. When the alarm is raised, employees and the fire brigade are now notified immediately via a mobile app, giving them a clear advantage when it comes to saving time and obtaining information.

Thousands of people visit the shopping centre a day, even during a major redevelopment project. Special care was required to ensure the shopping experience remained as smooth as possible. Schrack Seconet's solution guaranteed fire safety during the conversion and was implemented professionally.

Over the course of the successful expansion, a bright ambience was created and the rental space was increased to 32,400 m². In total, the Traisenpark is home to more than 80 shops. The reconstruction has also become a beacon project in the area of fire alarm systems. While the shopping centre was in operation, Schrack Seconet was able to switch over the old system to the new system, which now uses the latest mobile technology. On-duty in-house technicians can immediately see which detector has triggered an alarm, using the Schrack Seconet IACmobile app on their phone. Dragan Koljanin, head of building services engineering, says convincingly: "In serious cases, we have been able to cut out some of the time-consuming paths. These are precious minutes, worth their weight in gold".

About the solution

A special feature of the solution is the integration of the local voluntary fire brigade via mobile communication. Alarms are now also displayed on the tablet, in the fire department's vehicle, via the IACmobile app. Additionally, a PDF plan is sent via the SecoLOG IP risk management system. This ensures the fire brigade already has important information before they arrive on site. Koljanin stresses: "When there's a fire, additional information helps the crew get their bearings quickly. They can immediately see where to go in the shopping centre".

Fire inspector Helmut Stadlbauer, commander of the voluntary fire brigade in Viehofen, confirmed the concept's usefulness: "For us, alarm information sent directly to the vehicle is a quantum leap in managing crew's deployment and coordinating the relief team. In view of the size and scope of the expanded shopping centre, this opportunity is a forward-looking step to use our capacities in the area of fire alarms, in a targeted and efficient manner”.

A total of 12 integrated IP fire alarm control panels are now in use in the new Traisenpark and Schrack Seconet has installed around 155 fire protection systems. The SecoLOG IP alarm management system provides a central control system for the security features and equipment. In emergencies, fast information is an important safety factor in a busy shopping centre and the Lower Austrian Traisenpark uses mobile solutions for this purpose. The local fire brigade is also integrated into the notification sequence.

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