City Clinic Hospital

About the project

The private City Clinic Hospital in Sofia was previously the home of a former car dealership. After a much needed, extensive refurbishing process, the hospital now represents one of the best-equipped in the Balkan states. The City Clinic Hospital’s main focus is cardiology and cardiosurgery and they are an official partner of the Harvard Medical School and the Arizona Heart Institute.

About the solution

Schrack Seconet installed Visocall IP as the first IP-based nurse call system in whole of Bulgaria. The system now works seamlessly with the entire IT network. The installed IT cables for the system can also be used for other purposes too. The nurse call system enables communication by means of light audio signals and supports communication between patients and staff. In the case of an emergency, such as a cardiac alarm, nurses can now alert an entire team of specialists at the touch of a button. Schrack Seconet’s nurse call system also offers other convenient features. For example, patients can easily make phone calls using the system.

City Clinic Hospital
Sofia, Bulgaria
Hospital/Geriatric medicine/Nursing

Visocall IP

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