Žižkov television tower

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About the project

The 216-meter-high television tower in Prague, houses broadcasting technology, a viewing platform and a tower restaurant - and is located near the city centre. In addition to broadcasting television and radio programmes, the tower is also a destination for tourists and locals. The building was constructed in 1985, and opened in 1992.

The construction of the television tower began in 1985. Although the contrast between high-tech architecture and the historical surroundings of the Žižkov district was not considered a success by many at the time, the building was completed in 1992.

About the solution

Schrack Seconet equipped the tower with a Maxima fire alarm control panel. Due to the technical development, a reinvestment in a state-of-the-art systen made sense. The core of the new system is an Integral IP extinguishing control panel MXE and a fire alarm control panel Integral IP MXF, with a high-end operating panel. There are now also 800 CUBUS MTD 533X fire detectors, over 500 additional automatic detectors and manual call points. Furthermore, 12 ASD 535 aspirating smoke detectors are in place and can detect fires, even under the most difficult conditions. The sampling pipes extend to the top of the tower, offering reliable, high-level protection.

Use during ongoing operations

A carefully-planned implementation was required due to the special conditions on site. Therefore, installing the new fire alarm systems happened in several stages. Radio and television broadcasts were able to be broadcast without any problems. The viewing platform was also open during the assembly work and, as always, offered a spectacular 360-degree view of the Czech capital. After the project was completed successfully, the new fire alarm system ensured the highest level of security for all visitors and the systems - in a total of 28 areas, including equipment for the radio technology and the transmission mast, the server room, the restaurant, the hotel and administration rooms.

Žižkov television tower
Prague, Czech Republic

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