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About the project

1,915,567 engines and 33,553 cars displaying four rings, rolled off the assembly line in Györ last year. In 2013, the production facility grew and expanded into a complete automotive plant for around €900 million. Covering an area of more than two-million square meters, the Hungarian site houses the world's largest engine plant and a complete production facility, including press shop, body shop, paint shop and assembly.

The vehicle plant, halfway between Vienna and Budapest, has recently become the home of the A3 and S3 saloons. These popular compact saloons are the first Audis in full production in Hungary – 125,000 units per year are planned.

About the solution

"Vorsprung durch Technik" (lead by technology) applies as much to the cars produced at the Hungarian plant as it does to the innovative products and solutions installed by Schrack Seconet at the facility. In the new section alone, a total of 8,000 fire detectors and 350 smoke aspiration systems have been networked with 30 modular Integral IP fire alarm control panels, detected in real time by a SecoLOG IP FIRE fire alarm operation control system. This now guarantees optimum fire safety for the entire plant. Additionally, 70 modern smoke and heat exhausting system have been installed in the production halls, which can now also be controlled manually via separate panels. The compatibility and premium networking abilites of the various generations of Schrack Seconet control panels enabled them to be integrated into the existing section of the plant.

"We are very pleased with the technical support from Schrack Seconet, which was also excellent for special solutions," emphasises the project managers of Audi's I/PG-H32 department. "The project was complex and we were under a lot of time pressure. Only close coordination with all participants and excellent cooperation made implementation possible".

A partnership between Schrack Seconet and Audi has existed since 1994.

A lot has happened since 1994. The factory in Györ has grown two-and-a-half times in the last three years. Growth which, in combination with strict regulations, presented the experts at Schrack Seconet with major challenges. "The regulations in Hungary have been continuously developed over the last 15 years and are now stricter than the German guidelines in some respects," explained Rezsö Palmai, technical manager of Schrack Seconet in Hungary. Palmai praised the Hungarian fire brigade, who are extremely precise and accurate when it comes to safety.

In 2013, the Hungarian factory celebrated its 20th anniversary. And Györ is not only a location with history for Audi: The city in the northwest of Hungary has been a centre of the automotive and mechanical engineering industry since the beginning of the 20th century.

Today, Györ, its population of 130,000 - including Moson and Sopron, forms a strong economic region that is particularly popular with international companies. Audi's expanded factory is a shining example of this, reflected in their future-oriented fire safety system, thanks to Schrack Seconet's latest technology, experience and know-how.

Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.
Györ, Hungary
Client: Audi Hungaria Motor Kft.

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