Peter Zangger

Head of Technical Customer Service Vienna, Lower Austria & Burgenland

I trained to be an electrician and, in 1989, I was informed by an acquaintance that fitters were wanted. I was immediately accepted at my job interview. After about five years, I went from being a low-voltage technician to a senior fitter, was appointed team leader in 2008 and, since 2020, I have been Head of Technical Customer Service for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland.

Peter Zangger has been with
Schrack Seconet since 1989 and a member on the work’s council since 2003
A special experience

To this day, I can remember a special moment in my new function as group leader when I was in situ at a customer’s premises together with my long-time colleagues. I was introduced to the customer with the sentence "This is our boss". I had never been called that before. I then spoke to my colleagues and told them that this was not necessary – we are all a team. As a reply, they said: "You have earned this position. Get used to it." This sincere recognition of my performance was and is a great feeling.

"I have been with Schrack Seconet for years because, despite the professional and sometimes demanding work, there is a very friendly atmosphere among the staff. In addition, their own development and daily performance is recognised and appreciated. Everybody helps everybody. We're like a family."

As Head of Technical Customer Service, I am responsible for the implementation of our corporate goals. I evaluate and optimise our work processes, ensure that employees receive training and further education, try to bind them to the company in the long term, and the challenges that arise in cross-departmental coordination are also part of my daily tasks. 

Since 2003, I have also been the deputy chairman of the work’s council, advising our employees, representing their interests and acting as an interface to our management. 

Peter Zangger
Head of Technical Customer Service Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland
If I were to describe myself with one word, it would be "fun-loving".
Three things I particularly appreciate about my work:
  • My colleagues
  • Contact with customers
  • My area of responsibility – Motivating employees and promoting further development
If I could be a superhero, my superpower would be:

Mind reading. So it would be possible for me to have different feelings and views on things in life.

Peter Zangger
Head of Technical Customer Service Vienna, Lower Austria & Burgenland
„I have been with Schrack Seconet for over 30 years and have even refused a poaching attempt with double salary and a company flat. To this day, I have not regretted this decision and it would be an honour for me to remain in this company until my retirement“
We love what we do
and you can tell
Our team spirit, our working atmosphere and our conviction ensure that our customers are the focus of our actions. How does that sound? Good? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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