Ing. Gerhard Königstorfer

From Technician to Customer Service Manager

In the year 2000, I took over – after about 20 years as a technician – the management of the customer service in the Linz branch office and am currently responsible for a team of 19 employees. It fills me with joy every day to pass on my many years of experience to others and to meet challenges and achieve our goals together with my crew of technicians. And it is a wonderful experience to support a young colleague to such an extent that he or she can master and accomplish an almost impossible task.

Since 2000, Gerhard Königstorfer
has been Customer Service Manager of the Linz branch office
An opportunity in difficult times

In 1980, when job hunting was not easy due to economic difficulties, Schrack Seconet gave me the chance to get a foothold as a technician. From the start, I was thrilled to receive positive feedback immediately from the customer, after a repair. 

I started in the field of telephone system installation. But within half a year, I changed to the service department for special products with the focus, at that time, on answering machines and diallers as well as relay-controlled hospital call systems, and the first microprocessor-controlled fire alarm system.

„To this day, I can remember having to call for support after two days of troubleshooting a relay call system. I had come to the penultimate measuring point; the defective relay would have been the next measuring point. If I had invested one more hour, I would have been successful. On the positive side, I've learned from that: If a problem cannot be solved immediately, take a step back. Get some distance and then start over from a different angle.“

After about 20 years of intensive work and a constantly changing product environment, I took over managing customer service in the Linz branch office. My duties include:

  • First-level support of customer requests
  • Classification and coordination of the fault technicians
  • Clarification of repair offers
  • Cost controlling
  • Provision of technical equipment
  • Management of staff and contact people when problems arise
Ing. Gerhard Königstorfer
Customer Service Manager Linz branch office
Listening to others, giving good advice in case of difficulties and helping and supporting others - that is important to me.
Three things I particularly appreciate about my work:
  • The friendly, collegial and appreciative interaction with each other
  • Independent work
  • To be able to experience everything – from the first idea to the success
The most important lesson in my life so far:

Money can’t buy happiness. It is important to find one's personal centre and values, both in private and professional life. In addition, my family is especially important to me and the friendships that I’ve built in my job and in my circle of friends, as well as in the fire brigade.

Gerhard Königstorfer
Customer Service Manager Linz branch office
"Right from the start, I was thrilled to receive immediate positive feedback from the customer as a technician. And I still find this joy still in my job today: If I and my crew of technicians achieve our goals, we all realise that together we can do anything."
We love what we do
and you can tell
Our team spirit, our working atmosphere and our conviction ensure that our customers are the focus of our actions. How does that sound? Good? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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