Markus Zeiner

Head of Service Management

My career at Schrack Seconet began in 2007 – after completing my apprenticeship as an IT and telecommunications technician – as a customer service technician. At the same time, I have continued my training while working. So after nine years, I got the opportunity to become a team leader and to gain my first experience of leadership. Since 2019, I have been Head of Service Management.

From Customer Service Technician
to Head of Service Management
Exciting variety

Schrack Seconet concentrates on the subject of security – with a wide range of products, which a great deal is invested in to ensure we're at the cutting edge of technology. Our activities are therefore very multifaceted and varied, and our customers come from all sectors – from hotel businesses to production companies. We're continually confronted with different requirements and need to find and implement the best possible solution. I'm very happy to contribute to making this happen.

"The most important thing at Schrack Seconet is to do everything with your heart and soul, to accept the values we live by and communicate openly with each other and work actively. By doing this, we can find and implement the best possible solution for the various requirements we're confronted with."
Markus Zeiner has been
with Schrack Seconet since 2007

My responsibilities include

  • customer care, especially the consolidation and expansion of customer relationships and complaints management
  • supervising employees, including the planning and coordination of regular and event-related further training for our technicians
  • conflict management
  • continually evaluating work processes
Markus Zeiner
Head of Service Management
If I could be a superhero, I'd love to be able to fly. That way I could avoid the daily traffic jam on the Wiener Tangente.
Three things I particularly appreciate about my work:
  • The collegial and familiar contact with each other
  • The multitude of customer contacts
  • Always having new challenges
The most important lesson in my life so far:

For every goal you want to achieve in life, you must also be willing to work hard.

Markus Zeiner
Head of Service Management
To this day, I can still remember the friendly and open welcome I received into the existing Schrack Seconet team on my first day at work. Here, it is like a family business and despite a lot of growth, the family interaction has remained.
We love what we do
and you can tell
Our team spirit, our working atmosphere and our conviction ensure that our customers are the focus of our actions. How does that sound? Good? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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