Robert Sack

Head of Training Centre

Love at first sight - that's how you could describe how Schrack Seconet and I met. Everything was perfect right away, the search stopped and I started. I remember particularly well that there was no resistance whatsoever to changes in my area that I wanted to implement immediately. On the contrary, I was allowed to experience a lot of motivation and nobody was on prevention mode. It was a real momentum from the beginning and very refreshing. 

One of my tasks is to make sure
that my three colleagues are able to work.
Tasks with design freedom

An essential part of my job is to answer the following questions:

  • What kind of training is there?
  • How is it carried out?
  • How did it work and what adjustments are necessary?

To this end, I engage mainly with people who are doing training and those who send people on training. I find out what type of training is required and connect people to the right option.

„For me, it's important be able to shape things. At Schrack Seconet, this isn't just lip service, it's actually possible. Employers and employees fit together wonderfully here.
My time and energy is rewarded with good money, design opportunities and appreciation.“
Robert Sack is responsible
for the entire training program
Communication is my main job

If there's one thing you need to like in my position, it's talking on the phone. Communicating, then logging everything are key parts of my job. I've got Post-it notes all over my desk. At a quarter past, my phone rings and there is something to do. My all-round image is "I'm always here".

Of course, there are some days when constant communication becomes too much, when you would rather stay at home or just want to hide in the office. That's part of it.

Robert Sack
Head of Training Centre
Before Schrack Seconet, I worked as a teacher, IT specialist and waiter. Today, I have the feeling that I have arrived.
What superpower I'd have if I could be a superhero:

Clearly: Super speed. To be the Flash, you probably only need the right suit. I move very fast and try to do many things at once and get things done quickly (sometimes maybe too many). But above all, I try to solve problems quickly and not to leave anyone alone with them. 

The most important lesson in my life so far:

You must not forget your inner voice, you should listen to it or try to remain authentic to it. If you're not, you'll pay for it. 

Robert Sack
Head of Training Centre
„No matter what level of hierarchy you are at Schrack Seconet, you communicate at eye level. Everyone is doing a very important job. And everyone is dependent on each other. This feeling has accompanied me from the beginning and remains the same, even today.“
We love what we do
and you can tell
Our team spirit, our working atmosphere and our conviction ensure that our customers are the focus of our actions. How does that sound? Good? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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