Andreas Grusch

Head of Project Management Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland

I joined Schrack Seconet in 2012 through a blind application after a former Schrack Seconet employee told me that the company was a great place to work. I started as project manager for fire alarm systems and became group leader in customer service in 2015. Only one year later I was promoted and was allowed to take over the leadership of project management and the leadership of the entire processing team for Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland.

Andreas Grusch
in conversation
Oriented towards the future

At Schrack Seconet, I enjoy my work and the environment is top-notch – from the colleagues and the offices to being able to express my own opinion all the way up to the Board of Directors, so I am heard and my opinion is taken into consideration. I'm particularly enthusiastic about working with many different personalities and working for a company that has been successful for many years. I totally relate to Schrack Seconet and stand behind their innovative products.

"After four years at Schrack Seconet, I took over managing the entire processing team in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland. I was very happy about my promotion and pleased to be able to take on responsibility for so many employees."
If I were to describe myself
in a single word, it would be "ambitious"

In my management role, I deal with a lot of people; I'm responsible for about 40 employees. So it's important to be personable and empathic. Accuracy and looking at the bigger picture are also required. Every perosn is different and needs the right style of leadership. So I need to be able to apply different methods and management tools.

A key challenge for me as a manager is gaining a good overview of the team - and maintaining it. It's also necessary to make informed decisions that are backed up by knowledge. 

Andreas Grusch
Head of Project Management Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland
There was another new colleague starting on the same day as me. By chance, we were dressed almost identically. This made colleagues smile.
Three things I particularly appreciate about my work:
  • the freedom to organise my working day myself,
  • my employees and colleagues and
  • the responsibility I carry.
The most important lesson in my life so far:

Only I can control my life and change my attitude and inner balance. No one else.

Andreas Grusch
Head of Project Management Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland
At Schrack Seconet, you can approach anyone at any time. All the way up – even to the Board of Directors. And the respective opinions are not only heard and considered, but also implemented.
We love what we do
and you can tell
Our team spirit, our working atmosphere and our conviction ensure that our customers are the focus of our actions. How does that sound? Good? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

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