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The British company Tesco is one of the world's largest supermarket chains with more than 480,000 employees and branches in eleven countries. The start in Central Europe was made from the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where a first supermarket chain was taken over in 1996. Further acquisitions and the opening of new stores ranging from smaller branches to large specialty shopping centres have been carried out successively.

In Slovakia alone, Tesco now has more than 150 branches and employs around 9,000 people. The company has been using Integral Remote for its fire alarm systems there since 2013 to solve ongoing tasks for remote operation and monitoring via remote access.

Networking and remote access are also key trends in fire alarm technology. Schrack Seconet is active at the forefront of this trend and already offers two solutions that provide full access to the Integral EvoxX control panels from any location: Integral Message for PCs and laptops and Integral Mobile for smartphones and tablets.

system for remote
access via PC and mobile
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employees in Slovakia alone

Tesco: Effective inspections
British retail chain Tesco is one of the frontrunners in remote access. Together with the installer and service partner ANTES GM, Integral Remote was installed in branches throughout Slovakia.

A total of 50 branches are connected via Integral Remote, with all information going directly to Tesco's maintenance department. This ensures optimum transparency and also facilitates ongoing inspections. For example, daily checks at the branches are no longer necessary and mandatory daily checks in Slovakia can be performed remotely, within a few minutes, using Integral Remote.

ANTES GM's specialists can now immediately see if a fault occurs and react quickly, if necessary. Various tasks, such as text changes or the transmission of exact analysis results in the event of a fault, can also be carried out remotely. This importantantly saves time and costs because regular travel is no longer necessary.

"Additionally, we can support employees at the branches in operating the fire alarm control panel. Of course, they are not so familiar with the technology, most of the actions are rarely necessary and their primary tasks are in sales", explains Tomáš Marek, CEO of ANTES GM.

Integral Remote stores all instances of our fire alarm systems. This gives us a very detailed overview of what is happening because everything is consolidated in a central database. Using this database and event filters, we can easily compare the status of the fire alarm systems in all our branches. With Integral Remote, we are significantly saving time and costs.
Luděk Procházka - Head of Maintenance Tesco CR/SK
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