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Nurse call and fire safety 

for the Aga Khan Hospital in Karachi

The largest, most modern and best known hospital in the Pakistani capital Karachi belongs to the foundation of Prince Aga Khan.

When it comes to nurse call and fire safety , the operating group, which is currently also building hospitals in Afghanistan and some countries in Africa, relies on products from Schrack Seconet.

In Karachi, the innovative remote access to the fire alarm systems is particularly exciting.

As a university hospital, it
places great importance on the training and further education of doctors and nursing staff.

Aga Khan has earned a good name for itself in Pakistan, as well as in many other emerging and developing countries, as an operator of high-quality hospitals and health care facilities.

The hospital in Karachi was the first in Pakistan to be accredited by the American Joint Commission for its high standards, by international standards. It's also open to patients who would otherwise not be able to afford medical aid, but now can thanks to support programmes. 

Six years ago, Schrack Seconet equipped the Aga Khan hospital in Karachi with nurse call systems. Since then, Visocall IP has ensured smooth, convenient communication between patients and nursing staff. 

It's a pleasure to work with an innovative company like Schrack Seconet and the high-quality medical service provider Aga Khan. I am very pleased to work with both parties and have learned a lot throughout our work together. Establishing long-term relationships, like the one between Schrack Seconet and the Aga Khan Hospital, is my focus and a priority.
Aslam Haroon - Biolinks Technologies, partner of Schrack Seconet
Aslam Haroon of Biolinks Technologies, the regional partner of Schrack Seconet, programmed and commissioned equipment, to Mirza Talha Baig's, of the Aga Khan Electronics Department, complete satisfaction .

High level of satisfaction
Since the building complex is constantly being converted and extended, new areas are created regularly. One and a half years ago, Schrack Seconet was also awarded the contract to install fire alarm systems for an expansion, after providing high-level satisfaction in the field of communication systems.

Being able to gain access remotely via Integral Remote particularly appealed to the hospital's technical director. From his computer, he can now conveniently query and operate all fire alarm control panels that are networked via the in-house LAN.

We are specialists
For the protection of people and values.
With us you can expect worldwide experience, many years of know-how as a leader for innovation, one of the best fire alarm control panels in the world and many other excellent solutions. See for yourself.

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