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BVA Therapy Centre Waidhofen/Ybbs

Solutions from Schrack Seconet are often in perfect operation for decades or maybe even longer. Nevertheless, it makes sense to move with the times. Because today's systems open up new possibilities and are even more efficient during operation. A modernisation project at the BVA Therapy Centre Buchenberg in Waidhofen/Ybbs shows how the generational leap can be achieved with several solutions at once.

The BVA Therapy Centre has been successfully modernised.
With new control panels, the basis was first laid, followed by the periphery. Old and new components operate simultaneously, without any problems.

Overnight stays
take place in the therapy centre per year
Fire detectors monitor
the therapy centre
All-in-one communication
solution is in use
The conversion was carried out during normal operation hours.
It was clear a step-by-step approach was needed.

Step-by-step refurbishment
The hospital communication and fire alarm system from Schrack Seconet had been used in the therapy centre for decades. A general refurbishment provided an opportunity to switch to current solutions with IP technology. During this major refurbishment project, the therapy centre was completely converted and a new building section with treatment and patient rooms was built.

The project was not only extensive, but also challenging: The conversion was carried out during normal operation hours so the systems needed to operate without interruption during the construction period, and the occupancy rate was only reduced minimally.


Martin Reifecker
Technical Director of the Therapy Centre

Old and new in use
The control panel components of the communication system and the fire alarm system were replaced first, followed by the successive replacement of the peripherals. Schrack Seconet's principle of backward compatibility made this possible without any problems – so new and old peripheral elements could be used simultaneously. 

Everything from one source
In addition to the communication and fire alarm system, a new disorientation system was also installed.

The conversion to the new systems ran really smoothly.
And we always had full fire protection, even during the conversion.
Martin Reifecker - Technical Director of the Buchenberg Therapy Centre
Reliable security for disoriented people:
The Schrack Seconet solution Securwatch

The new disorientation system
The Securwatch real-time localisation system now reliably identifies when a disoriented person passes through one of the three exits. As a partner, Schrack Seconet can cover three core technical topics.

For Martin Reifecker, this has clear advantages: "Getting everything from one source makes it easier for me as a customer. Schrack Seconet employees can work with all three systems and we save ourselves the trouble of merging many interfaces and dividing responsibilities".

First call towers
During the course of the project, Schrack Seconet also installed special call units in the park extensively and designed a tailor-made, special solution for this purpose, which included towers equipped with call stations for direct communication. On the one hand, they are collection points in case the centre has to be evacuated and on the other hand, patients or nursing staff can make emergency calls - and therefore request help quickly.

Professional emergency calls
The heart alarm, which can only be triggered by employees, also ensures immediate action. This instantly activates an emergency team with the required equipment. All alarms, whether in the event of fire or for medical reasons, are also sent to the employees' DECT cordless telephones.

Nursing staff have feedback positively on the acoustics for the corresponding assignments/calls. Another plus is that the calls can be configured flexibly. At night, for example, the alarms can be forwarded with a time delay from one care centre to the next. The evaluation possibilities are also essential for us. It can be reproduced afterwards, when and where an alarm was set off, which is very important for risk and quality management.
Michael Mizda - Director of Nursing
We are specialists
For the protection of people and values.
With us you can expect worldwide experience, many years of know-how as a leader for innovation, one of the best fire alarm control panels in the world and many other excellent solutions. See for yourself.

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