The journey is not the destination

The journey is not the destination

The journey is not the destination


Visocall Mobile:

"Fewer unnecessary trips, but more quality of care – the new Visocall Mobile is a true innovation for care in the digital era."

The new Visocall Mobile app for smartphones and tablets will make the work of caregivers much easier in the future. The new add-on to the Visocall IP communication system saves both time and travelling, increases the quality of care and reduces an important stress factor. Caregivers in hospitals and nursing homes often walk 15 kilometres or more every day. However, much of that walking is unnecessary to begin with: Up until now, caregivers have often been called to the bedside first by a patient call. They only hear the patient's request once they get there, which often requires them to go somewhere else: For example, a resident would like a cup of tea or a patient needs a sleeping pill for the night. The proportion of errand calls is especially high in nursing and retirement homes.

Direct speech connection with patients

For nurses, patient calls are associated with a high level of stress: The reason for the call could be an urgent situation or it could be deferred, and this uncertainty manifests itself in stress for a lot of people. The new mobile app Visocall Mobile takes a weight off your shoulders: "Our new solution is an important step forward in handling calls more efficiently. Caregivers receive a push message on their mobile phone when they receive a call. Regardless of whether they're in the duty room or somewhere else, they can either place the call in reminder mode to signal to colleagues 'I'm on my way' or establish a voice connection directly with the patient," explains product manager Christian Wimmer. With Visocall Mobile, caregivers spend less time making unnecessary trips and more time with patients. Especially considering the current shortage of skilled workers, Visocall Mobile provides important support – even when wards are short staffed, the quality of care can be maintained.

Smartphones as a communication hub

Most nursing staff are already equipped with smartphones; in the future, mobile devices will be the central tool for patient documentation, medication processes, time recording, etc. "This makes choosing Visocall Mobile a future-oriented investment that often achieves the return on investment after only one year thanks to the increased efficiency," maintains Christian Wimmer. Visocall Mobile is specifically an on-premise application; the sensitive data of the caregivers and the patients are only stored locally. During development, the requirements of the users were specifically included during focus groups. The mobile app will be accessible via both Android and iOS and will be available in 21 languages. The launch will start in Austria in January 2023; the other countries will follow successively.



(Header Photo: Adobe Stock /  smolaw11)

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