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“Whereas with other detectors you have to check on site if there’s actually a fire, with the dual cameras an initial assessment can be performed from almost anywhere via screen or app.”

Thomas Engel, Product Manager Fire Alarm Systems at Schrack Seconet

Radiometric dual cameras are a special option for the earliest detection of fires. They use two sensors to generate both a thermal and an optical image. First, the systems make the heat radiation of an object visible by means of infrared light. A second lens also creates an optical video image, which makes verification much easier. For example, a smouldering fire can be precisely localised from a distance. This gives radiometric dual cameras distinct advantages over conventional detection: “Whereas with other detectors you have to check on site whether there’s actually a fire, with the dual cameras an initial assessment can be made from almost anywhere via screen or app. This is because the video image can be transmitted to different, defined locations as desired,” clarifies Thomas Engel, Product Manager for Fire Alarm Systems.

Differentiated alerting processes

Highly specialised expertise is required for the complex systems to function optimally, from the external power supply to the fine-tuning of communication between the camera and the fire alarm control panel. The personnel at Schrack Seconet define their own detailed alerting processes for each project. The entire field of view of the camera can be divided into several measuring zones that exceed the alarm threshold at different temperature values. The actions can also be differentiated: For example, at night, when no one is present in the building, an alarm can be forwarded directly to the fire brigade. During the day, the temperature threshold could be set differently in order to warn personnel on site even earlier so they can verify the danger – the fire brigade is then only called at higher temperatures,” explains Thomas Engel. The calendar function can be used to limit the activation of the camera to certain times.

VdS and TRVB

Schrack Seconet also works with systems that are approved in accordance with VdS. Progress on the topic of thermal radiometry can also be expected in the Austrian TRVB (Technical Guidelines for Preventive Fire Protection): “The TRVB previously only covered conventional video fire detection – the new draft now also takes thermographic fire detection into account. This makes us one of the few suppliers who already have such solutions,” explains Wolfgang Ernst, Division Manager Sales Fire Alarm Systems.

Protection for one of the most important altarpieces in Austria

There is an especially exciting project in Graz. After a long restoration period, a radiometric dual camera protects one of the most important Gothic altarpieces, which is located in the Friedrichskapelle in the cathedral. The camera is directed from above at the painting “Crucifixion in the Crowd”. It’s part of the overall fire alarm system of the church and basically acts like a detector of the fire alarm system. It automatically alerts the fire brigade if a specific temperature threshold is reached.



Header Photo: Henryk Niestrój - AdobeStock

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