Sara Holmqvist

Responsible for finance and marketing at Schrack Seconet Sweden

Why are you working at Schrack Seconet? What excites you about your job?

I work at Schrack Seconet mostly because of my fantastic colleagues and the great atmosphere we have at our workplace. We are like a family. My work at Schrack Seconet is very varied, which means that I never get bored. That's why I actually like all my tasks very much. 


If you could choose one song to play as soon as you enter a room, what would it be?

Adventures of the Gummi Bears Theme

My responsibilities at Schrack Seconet.

My areas of expertise include bookkeeping, financial statistics analysis, and financial reporting, where I ensure accurate management of financial records and provide valuable insights into economic performance. In addition to handling different kinds of agreements, I am also responsible for marketing, where I thrive in effectively promoting products and services to target audiences. Moreover, I am creating compelling content for various social media platforms, enhancing brand visibility and engagement. Lastly, I am responsible for translating our documentation and content in multiple languages. 


What did you want to become as a child?

A hairdresser

How did you come to Schrack Seconet and your current position?

After I had finished my bachelor's degree in corporate finance, I worked for two years with customer service.  The goal however was always to get a job where I could get more use for my education. My best friend told me that maybe I should apply for her current work position, since she planned to start studying.  She told me about her daily life and tasks at Schrack Seconet and I thought it sounded like a really good workplace. One interview later and I was hired as a marketing assistant. The first three years I took care of the whole ordering process, our warehouse, finance and marketing. As the company grew the workload got more heavy and we decided that I needed a colleague that could take care of the order and logistics department. So now I can focus completly on finance and marketing and have had the chance to develop even more in that profession.

Sara Holmqvist
Responsible for finance and marketing at Schrack Seconet Sweden
At my first day my new colleagues made me feel really welcomed, and I felt like one in the gang immediately. It was a lot to learn, but I was eager to get to try so many different new things.
Three things I particularly appreciate about my work:
  • I have a lot of own responsibility
  • The freedom to try new things
  • Crazy (in a good way) colleagues who are always ready to laugh
If you could be remembered with just one sentence, what would it be?

A talkative, loud and happy person who never hesitates to break out in song if needed.

Sara Holmqvist
Responsible for finance and marketing at Schrack Seconet Sweden
"The most significant lesson I've learned in my life is that not everyone will necessarily have a liking for you, and that's perfectly fine. Just stay true to yourself, and you will come across individuals who appreciate you for who you genuinely are."
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