Training Center: The Diversity of Learning

Discover our new training formats

Training Center: The Diversity of Learning

Training Center: The Diversity of Learning

Discover our new training formats



"A day at the Training Center promises many new insights into the world of technology and digitalisation. The training rooms are perfectly equipped and enable hands-on training specifically designed for our products."

Robert Sack, Head of Training Center

For many years now, the Schrack Seconet Training Center has been offering partners, specialist installers and electricians the opportunity to attend high-quality and modern trainings for our products. By joining the courses, the participants can benefit from the expert knowledge of the training staff and gain insights into theory and practice. Due to the given circumstances in the last two years, the Training Center was required to offer new training formats for our partners. The specially adapted training formats have made it possible for international customers to take part in training courses from all around the world. The courses are different in type and structure and can be chosen by the participants depending on their current level of knowledge. Right now, the following course formats can be taken in the business areas Fire Alarm and Health Care.

Self-learning courses offer the participants the opportunity to access course material online at any time and to study independently. There is always the possibility to reach out to our training staff if any questions occur. This study format can be easily integrated into a normal workday and enables flexible learning.

Another innovative training option that has become very popular since the pandemic, is the so-called remote access course. This course format is attractive for our international partners, as it is an online course with practical exercises which are transmitted live via video to the device of the user. Participants have the option of logging into a system with their own device to operate the products in the training rooms. This option allows practical exercises from anywhere – just as if you were physically in the Training Center!

Classroom courses are just the right format for partners who prefer to participate in on-site trainings. The courses usually last several days and theory as well as practical examples will be discussed together with the lecturers during the classes. Participants can work with the products on site in the training rooms and go into consultation as soon as questions arise.

Since questions do not always occur immediately after a training session, the Training Center offers a course format which is especially designed for question-and-answer sessions. These courses take place once a month and allow the participants to address questions that have arisen after the trainings directly to the training staff. In this way, the knowledge transfer can continue after the regular training session and new questions which popped up during everyday work can be discussed with the trainers.

Schrack Seconet’s Training Center is continuously working on didactically adapting and optimizing the courses to the customers to address all questions and concerns. This is the reason why our partners always come back for new trainings or attending other course formats to refresh their current knowledge. Visit us in a course of your choice if you want to know more about the functions and applications of our products.

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