Thailand: Visocall IP in the Land of Smiles

An Interview with Mr. Theerachai on the Needs of Thai Hospitals and Patients

Thailand: Visocall IP in the Land of Smiles

Thailand: Visocall IP in the Land of Smiles 

An Interview with Mr. Theerachai on the Needs of Thai Hospitals and Patients

“The hospitals and nursing homes we supply are looking to modernise. We offer them Visocall IP because we are convinced that it meets all their requirements and Schrack Seconet offers an excellent solution for every initial situation. With its multifunctionality, this networked hospital communications system is optimal for the medical staff and also for the patients.” 

Theerachai Sirirat-Usdorn, Managing Director, Teo Hong Phaisan Co., LTD. 

Theerachai Sirirat-Usdorn has been implementing the Visocall IP hospital communications system in Thai hospitals for the past few years. We spoke to him about Thailand’s growing demand for medical care, interest among hospitals in the innovative IP-based equipment, and the crucial importance of technical support.

fire&care: Teo Hong Phaisan Company Limited in Bangkok, of which you are Managing Director, is Schrack Seconet’s partner for Visocall IP. Can you give us a brief overview of the Thai health care market? 

Theerachai Sirirat-Usdorn: The health care market is a key sector in Thailand. Under the national health plan for 2016 to 2025, the government wants to develop our health system into the "medical hub" of the ASEAN region and further promote the existing "medical tourism", among other things. Both the public and private sectors are investing heavily in the expansion of hospitals, and there is a high demand for high-quality medical technology and equipment. Together with its strategic location as a gateway to the growing economies of Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos, this also makes Thailand an attractive market for foreign manufacturers of medical equipment and services. 

fire&care: Your company has equipped hospitals and nursing homes in Thailand with Visocall IP, and more projects are in the pipeline. Which is the biggest one so far involving Visocall IP? 

Theerachai Sirirat-Usdorn: The first Thai hospital to install the hospital communications system from Schrack Seconet is the Boonraksa Medical Center in the Dhammakaya Temple. It has 136 beds and provides medical care for the monks. We have also equipped the Servant Centre for the Elderly of the Royal Family as well as parts of the Praram 9 Hospital and the CGH Samai Hospital. Conventional nurse call systems are still common in Thailand, but they are not state of the art. With an eye to the future, more and more people are opting for IP communication systems. This allows the integration of multiple disciplines into a single IP backbone. This saves the clients a lot of money in setting up and maintaining their IT structure. 

 fire&care: Why are more and more Thai hospitals opting for Visocall IP? 

Theerachai Sirirat-Usdorn: Visocall IP meets the VDE0834 standard, a very high standard. And it has a wide range of functions. Also, the system is decentralised: If servers, the nurse station and switches fail, Visocall IP will still function independently. It’s a huge boost for reliability!  As a company that has been in the health care industry for more than 40 years, we also know that our customers want good customer service in addition to high quality and multi-functionality. Schrack Seconet’s excellent technical support is also a crucial factor. All users, including patients, nurses, doctors, technicians and administration, benefit from having a state-of-the-art system like this. 

fire&care: What features of Visocall IP do patients particularly appreciate?  

Theerachai Sirirat-Usdorn: Anyone who comes to a hospital or nursing home doesn’t just want to be well looked after, but they also want to maintain full contact with the outside world. In addition to the call function and voice communication with staff, patients can also use Visocall IP to operate TV sets, radio, telephone, lights or blinds. Nowadays, people are concerned not just about the quality of medical treatment, but also about comfort. Patients want to feel at ease in the facilities.  


Photo: Italthai Engineering

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