Fire Protection from a Distance: Display and Inform

Fire Protection from a Distance: Display and Inform

Fire protection from a distance: display and inform

From planning to installation, ongoing operation to modernisation and expansion: innovative digital services are designed to simplify processes and increase the quality of the fire alarm system throughout its entire life cycle. In the coming weeks, we will show you here on our blog how to make your fire alarm system fit for the future with digital applications.

Digitalisation has now arrived in all areas of life. But what does this mean for our security systems, especially in fire protection? It makes working with fire alarm systems easier and, above all, gives us more transparency. With the help of digital applications, we gain quicker insight into our systems and can thus plan, act and react better. Integral Remote is the perfect service for full, location-independent access to your fire alarm system.

From information to faster reaction

When a certain event occurs - for example, a fire alarm - all messages, faults and alarms converge at the fire alarm control panel. In order to investigate the affected area on site, the fire protection officer or system operator would have to go to the control centre to obtain detailed information on alarms, faults or shutdowns. This can cost valuable time which, in an emergency, can prevent gross damage. Digital applications are able to provide information about the alarm and location from anywhere directly on a mobile device or computer. There is no need to travel or go to the fire alarm control centre, and thus it is possible to react to danger alarms or malfunctions at an early stage and independent of location.

View and inform remotely

With Integral Remote Notification services for web and mobile devices, you have all important information at your fingertips from the comfort of your pocket or office. Integral Mail sends messages about alarms, faults or network failures via email to your computer. With Integral Message you receive this information via push message, and Integral Mobile allows you to view it on your smartphone or tablet.

Optimise processes

From now on, you can be informed digitally about events in your fire alarm system. Receive information in real time by e-mail or notification on your smartphone or tablet. Digital applications additionally support process optimisation in fire protection with:

  •  Individual definition and customisation of recipients and notifications
  •  Clear information about fires, system warnings and malfunctions
  •  Instant push notifications of events, including location and details
  •  Trust-building transparency for system integrators
  •  Powerful user management
  •  Location independence
Digital applications for fire alarm systems - added value for the user?

The ability to display events and inform remotely brings many advantages. For example, the operator of a fire alarm system receives detailed information in real time and has an overview of all systems. In addition, the display is multi-user capable, so that decentralised systems can also be shown. The event notification takes place either on a computer or mobile device. Individualised role and user management is also an advantage. Access to the available information can be regulated through an authorisation concept.

How digitalisation makes working with fire alarm systems easier.

With Integral Remote applications for remote access, the distance to the fire alarm control panel no longer plays a role. The display of various system events via a PC, tablet or smartphone is now possible from anywhere. Digitally supported fire detection technology will ensure a new level of quality in the future by enabling targeted alarms to be triggered and responses to be made remotely. Damage events are logged and documented without gaps.

This article is part of a series on our digital applications in fire protection. To learn how you can bridge the gap between digital and analogue, read the first part here.

You like that? In our free white paper, you can learn more about why digital applications will make early fire detection even more reliable in the future. In it, we show how you can optimise a fire detection system in five steps with the help of digital processes.

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