Elevating Safety and Excellence in Elderly Care

Elevating Safety and Excellence in Elderly Care

Elevating Safety and Excellence in Elderly Care

In elderly care and nursing homes, care centers, geriatrics, or assistance centers for people with disabilities, interaction is essential for the well-being of the residents.
Effective communication, easy coordination, and satisfaction are benefits that are increasingly difficult to achieve for all these institutions. On the one hand, they are hampered by the qualified workforce crisis, and on the other hand, the demographic situation also plays an important role in the difficulty of achieving these objectives.
In 2022, people over 60 represented less than 15% of the world's population. This share is expected to reach 28% in 2100. With 19% nowadays, Europe has the largest aging population in the world! (Source: Statista)
Being always oriented towards people's needs, Schrack Seconet offers complete solutions for those sectors by offering all-in-one high-tech systems for communication, localization and fire safety; all these systems will transform those facilities into safer and more comfortable places thanks to innovations and state-of-the-art technology.

Visocall IP - more time for care activities

Created by Schrack Seconet using IP technology, the Visocall IP call system simplifies work procedures and daily tasks for everyone involved in the care process, saving time and unnecessary walking distances. This innovative system combines all relevant requirements into one system: communication, organization of care, information, entertainment, or service.

The main function of the system is to call for communications between residents and care staff and targeted calls within the care team to immediately reach the right colleague for help. In general, calls can be made from beds, room terminals, bathrooms, or common living spaces – making life easier both for residents and employees. Moreover, predefined calls such as requesting a drink or food, are available for all residents by a simple push of a button. The care staff can save a significant amount of time by eliminating the routes made to the residents' rooms or by setting reminders or priority calls. Residents feel safe and optimally cared for because they have a "direct speech line" to the personnel - which can immediately reassure them or react specifically. Additional functions such as listening to music, operating TV, making phone calls, switching lights on and off, or operating blinds offer residents with locomotor difficulties comfort and extra autonomy.

Visocall Mobile - fast, convenient, and location-independent communication

To further optimize the daily tasks of the care staff and to make their daily work easier in the long term Schrack Seconet created the app Visocall Mobile, the perfect addition to Visocall IP. Visocall Mobile was created for mobile devices based on iOS and Android and it’s capable of reducing walking distances of the care team by 30 to 50 % allowing care staff to be permanently available, regardless of location. The app enables a direct voice connection to the patient's bed, room, or service room and offers a perfect overview thanks to the push notification system. In addition to significantly reducing workload, Visocall Mobile offers more comfort, mobility, flexibility, and a higher degree of satisfaction among residents and care staff – a real asset in the recruitment process.


Securwatch SmartLiberty - complete security through mobility and open living spaces

The way we understand the care of the elderly has changed a lot over the years and we have now moved towards comprehensive health promotion that encourages autonomy and freedom of movement independent of the resident's memory disorders. The Real-Time Localisation System (RTLS) Securwatch SmartLiberty by Schrack Seconet is well-proven and convinces users with high security and communication standards, managing to relieve care staff from the highly stressful task of constantly guarding these residents. The Securwatch SmartLiberty system protects predetermined zones utilizing radiofrequency technology. Therefore, if one of these thresholds is crossed without having permission to access this area, a transponder worn on the resident's wrist immediately sends an alarm to caregivers depending on the settings that were made.
Also, Securwatch SmartLiberty can be interfaced with Visocall IP and can make emergency calls, runaway protection alarms, or determine the exact position of residents. Sabotage protection, battery monitoring, the automatic cancellation of a call, and the escort function when a patient is accompanied by a carer or relative are other important features. People are always at the center of our innovations and the integration of these systems into long-term care processes will provide residents with safety, comfort, and freedom of movement never seen before for persons with memory disorders." states Mr. Alexandru Mateiciuc, Head of Representative Office Romania & Moldova. In addition, the integration of these systems offers extraordinary benefits including for family members. The platform can provide via the Visocall IP control panel detailed reports on reaction times, frequency of interaction with the resident, etc., and can instantly display various information.

Integral EvoxX - intelligent technology for safe detections

Fire protection is extremely important in these institutions both for the residents who often have locomotor difficulties but also for the care staff. So, it is extremely important to rely completely on a system that can ensure early detection, alarming, evacuation and control of extinguishing elements.
The Integral EvoxX system from Schrack Seconet is the right solution for this type of application and can be perfectly integrated into the Visocall IP communication platform displaying the list of events and alarms directly on the staff terminal so that they can take immediate action.

Based on IP technology, the innovative Integral EvoxX integrates into the building management system and architecture, is fully redundant, extensible and offers high fire protection for systems of all sizes. The fire control panel of the Integral EvoxX system reliably detects fire, activates the fire management system and sends information to the responsible authorities, so that personnel and emergency services can concentrate on their tasks in the event of a fire emergency. It is also important that independent residents can react individually in the event of a fire and Schrack Seconet's voice evacuation system provides the rapid distribution of clear, localized and easy to understand announcements for a safe evacuation even in the most difficult conditions.

Under the motto "An excellent environment like a second home", Schrack Seconet provides all care units with global solutions from a single source, perfectly coordinated for complete security and premium services that will bring satisfaction to residents, care staff and management.


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