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Our Real-Time-Locating-System (RTLS) Securwatch is proven people-centred technology and sets a new security and communication standard in the healthcare sector. Whether used in hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, psychiatric facilities, geriatrics and rehabilitation - or for assisted living and people with special needs - Securwatch ensures a higher quality of life and more freedom of movement for patients and residents. It also relieves and supports nursing staff in all possible applications

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Maurice Quail
Managing Director | Synergy Medical Systems (Ireland)
Daily care is changing considerably, both in hospitals and in assisted living. In order to survive, healthcare facilities must adapt to the increasing needs of patients and solve precarious situations professionally. Securwatch offers maximum security, with the best possible mobility, and contributes significantly to the future viability of the respective institution.

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Frequently asked questions and their answers

Is the Securwatch system in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)?

Yes. The RTLS solution offered ensures that both the "right to be forgotten", i.e. the permanent deletion of all personal data, and the "right to data transferability", i.e. the transmission of a complete list of all stored personal data, are respected.

Why do I need a Securwatch system?

For the support and relief of personnel resources and the protection of patients! Automated processes help your staff to become more efficient and avoid errors caused by manual entries. Your nursing staff can therefore devote themselves to their daily care activities in a more concentrated and efficient manner and are not permanently distracted or disturbed by other factors.

How does alarm notification work?

The alarm is triggered by defined information from the organisational requirements and specifications of the respective hospital or care home. All possible types of alarm are defined together with us, worked out and entered into the RTLS system. It is very important to us to meet the individual requirements of the respective operator.

Alarms are displayed both on the DECT telephones or smartphones made available to staff by the operator (no private smartphones) and on the Visocall IP components (e.g. Staff Terminal). The RTLS system is connected to our call system via ESPA interface (ESPA 4.4.4. and ESPA-X).

How do I connect the Securwatch system to external systems (e.g. alarm server, DECT system etc.)?

We are always very interested in keeping up with the state-of-the-art technology and try to provide up-to-date interfaces in our development department as soon as possible so that we remain competitive and can offer our customers added value through compatibility and flexibility.

Existing state-of-the-art interfaces are, for example:

  • HL7 (especially for connection to hospital information systems "KIS" and medical devices)
  • ESPA X (bidirectional connection for RTLS and other third-party systems)
  • ESPA 4.4.4 (easy connection for RTLS and other third­party systems)
How exactly is it possible to localise the persons?

Floor by floor, room by room and / or if required down to a few meters (about 1.5 metres) in real time.

The positioning accuracy depends on how many position markers are used. This is comparable with the mobile telephone and data network: The closer the transmitter network is, the more comprehensive and powerful the radio coverage.

What are the long-term benefits of the Securwatch system?

The long-term advantages of the Securwatch real-time localisation system are:

  • Cost savings through optimal use of personnel resources
  • Relief of the staff in the daily nursing routine
  • Individual freedom of movement of the patients with dementia, or those who are disoriented easily or suffer from a mental illness

An immediate alarm notification in emergency situations with location-specific determination of the incident is guaranteed and helps staff to implement immediate and efficient measures so that the patient and / or colleagues can be helped quickly.

How do I know if a patient is in the safe area?

A walking direction detection system signals whether a patient is moving from a safe area or within a safe area. Therefore, no "unnecessary" alarms are triggered.

Is the system protected against vandalism?

Thanks to the possibility of remote antennas, some readers can be positioned in the room (e.g. suspended ceiling mounting, etc.) in such a way that they are "out of reach" for patients. Should damage to system components nevertheless occur, this is immediately detected and a technical alarm is triggeried (all system components are permanently monitored).


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