Trends and Innovations in Fire Safety

Trends and Innovations in Fire Safety
Schrack Seconet at Security Essen 2014

From 23-26 September 2014, the world's leading security and fire safety trade fair, Security in Essen, will once be taking place. Experts, planners, installers and operators of systems will be attending to inform themselves about the most recent international trends and most important innovations. Schrack Seconet's stand this year will be focussing on the further development of IP applications and WEB services.

Greater security and comfort

Safety of human life is the most important issue. Schrack Seconet has been focussing on this principle requirement for many years with its reliable and proven fire alarm systems using the highest level of technology.

Furthermore, it has also become a priority in the fire alarm sector to increase efficiency and to make life easier for fire services and customers alike in their everyday duties. Schrack Seconet has also followed this trend and with its current range of fire alarm system products offers not only the utmost security, but also offers a range of additional possibilities and solutions that make daily usage of fire alarm systems easier.

All data collected by all fire alarm control panels can be collected, analysed and evaluated in centralised service centres using IP applications. As a result, installers and system operators alike are offered new opportunities and advantages. With the help of the collected data, deviations from the should-be state of the system can be detected immediately and the necessary maintenance steps can be taken. This leads to the highest possible level of fire alarm system availability.

The users and operator of a Schrack Seconet fire alarm system have a decisive advantage in the intervention process. The desired personnel can be informed on the move, regardless of where they are, using web services. As a consequence, rapid intervention is possible and deceptive alarms can be avoided. This helps fire services to avoid the need for risky deployments, while saving costs for the user.

Detailed information regardless of location

Information regardless of location has become a central issue in times of increasing globalisation and for unmanned systems. For example, wind farms, radio masts, transformer stations and pipelines must be reliably monitored, even if no-one is on site. Thanks to IP technology, web services are also able to quickly supply focussed detailed information regardless of location, thereby also permitting immediate remote intervention.

Reassuring investment security

A fire alarm system is an investment for many years. However, as buildings are subjected to alterations and extensions over the course of time, the system must also be extended or modified over the course of time. Schrack Seconet places particular value on being able to create its systems in a very flexible manner, and that by using a wide range of interfaces and standardised protocols – such as BACnet, OPC, ESPA or Modbus – its systems are compatible with other systems e.g. building management systems.

In order to also be able to ensure system maintenance across many years and many generations of products, Schrack Seconet pays particular attention to the highest possible level of forward and backward compatibility of products. Existing systems from earlier generations can be simply and easily brought up-to-date, with older components being replaced by newer ones, or by being networked with newer ones. For example, it is equally possible for the newest generation of fire detectors to be connected to existing older fire alarm control panels as it is possible for older fire detectors to be connected to the latest control panels. Every step-by-step modernisation of the fire alarm system can therefore by carried out in a simple and flexible fashion, and represents an investment in the future.

Unrestricted System Availability

Since European Standards for fire alarm technology permit both the total failure and a partial system failure of a fire alarm system, it is not suffcient to merely fulfil these standards, if the highest level of security is required. Schrack Seconet fire alarm systems guarantee the highest level of availability thanks to their redundant system structure: Hardware, software and the connections between the control panels and external indicating and operating panels are all redundantly connected. All functions, displays and controls remain fully functional in the event of a fault occurring.

The correct fire detector for all environments

It is necessary to ensure that a fire alarm system only reliably detects and reports real fires (hostile fires). This is already guaranteed by the CUBUS generation of fire detectors: The common feature in all family members is CUBUS levelling. Not only are the individual characteristics of the fire measured, but they are always evaluated in the context of the relative changes in the other relevant characteristics. CUBUS detectors permanently monitor their surroundings. If there is a change in the atmospheric conditions, then the sensitivity of the detector is automatically adjusted.

In addition to the conventional fire characteristics of smoke and heat, it is also possible to detect and analyse carbon monoxide (CO). This colourless, odourless and tasteless gas is the first to be abundant when there is a fire: its detection therefore permits very rapid alarm notification. At the same time, by detecting carbon monoxide, it is also possible to prevent deceptive alarms occurring due to the presence of steam or dust. The addition detection of CO therefore also enables rapid detection while simultaneously ensuring a high level of reliability.

In addition to its classical product range, Schrack Seconet also supplies addressable system detectors with integrated alarm devices operating under the two senses principle for barrier-free building design. These devices signal the occurrence of a fire by means of acoustic and optical alarm notification. If required, it is also possible for speech messages to also be emitted. These new CUBUS fire detectors naturally also conform with EN 54 parts 29 to 31.

Schrack Seconet sets trends for the future – and you can rely on the technological leader in the market.


If you would like to find out more about Schrack Seconet's products, you can find detailed information at on our website or allow our experts to advise you in person at Security 2014 in Essen.

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