Novinky o produktoch firmy Schrack Seconet na veľtrhu Security trade fair v Essene

  • The latest innovations of Schrack Seconet at the Security trade fair in Essen
  • Completely new possibilities in fire alarm technology thanks to IP technoloy
  • Sustainable and resource-saving developments - Schrack Seconet places importance


At the Security trade fair in Essen on 25-28 September 2012, the pioneering specialist trade fair for security and fire alarm technology, Schrack Seconet will once again be presenting the company's latest innovations. Beforehand, you can already enjoy a taste of the developments and Schrack Seconet's appearance at the 2012 trade fair.

Protecting people and assets. This is what fire alarm systems are designed for. It appears, however, that with the constantly increasing number of providers and the ensuing competition, which prevails in the fire alarm technology sector, that these values get overlooked. Not at Schrack Seconet. The company stands for high quality and secure solutions.

While in the past, it was more or less exclusively the detection and notification of fires that was at the forefront, a fire alarm system has meanwhile assumed a vast number of additional tasks and interfaces with building services engineering. Customers now request complete fire safety concepts. Not only the detection of fires, but a vast array of additional information, must be available regardless of location at any time, and that efficient information concepts are required. The use of Internet Protocol (IP) technology have contributed to being able to match such demands, since by using IP technology in fire alarm technology it has become possible to offer completely new options.

Also in unmanned facilities: Future-proof thanks to IP technology

Increasing globalisation and unmanned facilities present a challenge for fire alarm technology. Globally active companies like electricity supply companies, telecommunications firms, banks or filling stations have many premises spread across countries. Many isolated technical facilities like wind parks, radio masts, transformer stations or pipelines must be reliably watched despite any difficulties. These types of customers want to have a central location where they can receive information about all their premises and decisions can be made based upon this information. While the fire alarm notification circuit is covered by standards and communications must always be transmitted securely, and the action forces notified locally, the additional information communication route can be freely defined, which makes it possible, regardless of location, to make detailed information available quickly and in a targeted manner using Internet Protocol technology.

Not only are the staff members who are responsible able to receive all relevant information without delay at any location so that they are then in the position to make clear decisions quickly, but by using tablet PCs, smart phones or PCs they are able to eliminate unnecessary journeys and are able to speed up processes considerably. Consequently, time and costs can be saved. IP technology allows important system data to be queried automatically and analysed, with a reaction being possible as soon as a deviation occurs, even before damage has occurred. Schrack Seconet fire alarm systems therefore detect the problem before it even becomes one as such. Efficient preparation of servicing duties is also possible as a consequence, allowing activities to be carried out in an optimal fashion. Security, information and communications are therefore organized more precisely and clearly by IP technology.

Highly professional fire safety – even for smaller premises.

The newest fire alarm control panel from the Integral IP system family from Schrack Seconet is the Integral IP BX, which has been specially developed for protecting smaller buildings like gastronomic establishments, supermarkets, boarding houses, filling stations or kindergartens. In addition the Integral IP BX is fitted with the same peripherals and software as all other IP system family control panels, and no programming tools and additional trainings are required for this new control panel. The Integral IP BX also unites all the advantages of IP technology such as detailed information regardless of location, easy remote access over PC, smart phone or tablet as well as efficient analysis and optimal servicing. The unique thing in this instance, is the IP interface that has been directly integrated "on board".

A new addition for the CUBUS family of detectors

It is, however, not just the IP system family, but also the Integral CUBUS detector family from Schrack Seconet that has been extended. In the next few years new European standards will apply for fire detectors – there will no longer be two standards to be fulfilled, namely for smoke detectors and heat detectors that must be observed, but six different standards. As an additional criteria, carbon monoxide (CO) will also have to be detected in the future in accordance with standards. With the CUBUS family of detectors Schrack Seconet is however able to offer a range that fulfils all the standards now as well as in the future! Not only will CUBUS family detectors fulfil the requirements of future EN 54 standards, but there will be one CUBUS detector that is able to fulfil all standards at the same time. Schrack Seconet will be able to offer its customers an "all-encompassing solution" for fire detectors – a fully functional detector of this type will already be able to be observed at Security 2012 in Essen.

Optimal protection even in the most difficult conditions

We are also very pleased to be able to present our AirSCREEN ASD 535 aspirating smoke detector at our trade fair stand. High sensitivity, concealed installation, increased servicing life as well as intuitive and secure configuration are only some of the requirements for aspirating smoke detectors in the latest generation. The ASD 535 is the modern version of a universal and high performance aspirating smoke detector. Thanks to the high dynamic HD sensor, the configurable ventilator and the possibility to deploy asymmetric pipe systems, the ASD 535 opens up completely new dimensions in terms of precision, flexibility and economy, even under extreme conditions, such as early fire detection in cold store facilities. The performance specification is rounded off by intelligent system integration, which can be realised and extended using practical extension modules.

Sustainable innovations – Schrack Seconet places importance on environmental protection

A further highlight at Security 2012, about which we are particularly proud, is the "Green Magnet", a loop holding magnet, which, unlike traditional door holding magnets, is not connected to an electrical circuit around the clock, but is directly attached to the loop as a permanent magnet. The intelligent loop holding magnet is also able to determine the position of the door and forward this to the control panel. High operating costs and increasing environmental pollution, which was unavoidable with previous types of electromagnets, are now a thing of the past. Schrack Seconet, as an innovative company, shows in this way that it is not just a pioneer in its technical area, but also shows awareness for the responsibility it must show as well as sustainable thought in its developments. This environmentally-aware and resource-saving innovation is a further step in the direction of acting responsibly.

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