Profound knowledge - always up to speed.


In order to meet the high technical requirements of the markets and products, we impart profound knowledge to our staff members, customers and partners in a simple and rapid way in a training centre, which is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment – and which always boasts cutting edge technology.


  • Regular staff member trainings
    at least 3 percent of the total wages and salaries
  • Seminar and group rooms
    in Vienna as well as in our training centres
  • Training centres
    in India, Poland, Russia, Romania, Sweden, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary
  • Training courses for basic principles, hardware and software
    of the products for all user groups (from Sales through to Customer Service)
  • International Customer Technician Training Courses
    up to 75 percent customers and partners from 50 countries
  • Customer-specific course contents



Enquiries should be set to our country offices, to the domestic sales department, our export department or directly to the training centre.