Activation Integral Software

Universal License Manager (ULM)

User rights for Integral Software from version 7.1 can be set using the Universal License Manager.

To obtain the User rights you ought to have the ULM dongle and the license file.


ULM Dongle

For operating using version 7.1 or higher of the Integral Software, a ULM dongle is required, which you can obtain upon request from one of our sales offices.
This ULM dongle must be activated on our website prior to use.

System Requirements for Activating the ULM Dongle

The Universal License Manager is compatible with current browsers
and has been tested with the following browsers

Browser:                      Mozilla FireFox V56.0, Internet Explorer 11,
                                   Google Chrome V62.0 and Microsoft Edge V40

Operating system:        Windows 7 and Windows 10

Interfaces:                    min. 1 free USB interface

Installation of the tool Cloud Security Client


- Every ULM dongle is locked for security reasons when shipped.
- Registration is necessary to activate the ULM dongle.
- Once sucessfully registered, you will receive your personal access code for the login area.

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Technical documentation

In order to also have access to all relevant technical papers and documentations, please register as well for our download centre:

>>Register for download centre

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