The future-oriented communications platform

VISOCALL IP is the new common technology platform for communications, organisation and care. A new future-oriented IP concept forms the foundation for the Internet and is therefore the mostly widely spread upstream open technological platform for all communications tasks.

VISOCALL IP stands for prioritizing operations security and economy. Clear advantages provide operators with a considerable performance advantage. IP network technology ensures the utmost safety against failure and permanent system availability. VISOCALL IP works together with external systems using interfaces in its own communications network and exchanges information with other systems - such as fire alarm control panels, alarm servers, billing systems, disorientation systems, DECT, pagers etc.

A completely upstream open system

In its basic form the VISOCALL IP carries out all important system functions: Nurse-call communications, IP telephony handsets, smart card system, electro-acoustic functions, Intranet and Internet services for staff and patients as well as being ready for video streaming. The system's IP structure also allows it to combine with other IP-based systems.

Comprehensive compatibility and substantial servicing advantages

All wards which have previously been fitted out with VISOCALL PLUS and VISOCALL MP2 nursecall systems can be fully integrated into the new IP-based communications platform, without having to disrupt the system’s ongoing operation. Even analogue TV sets can be incorporated.

Relief for Staff Members

VISOCALL IP supports your care staff in many ways: Patients are more independent and can carry out simple activities without assistance; fail-safe devices, self-disconnecting plugs, clear displays and clear information about lighting modules make everyday life easier. Rapid assistance and modern convenience for patients

VISOCALL IP raises the alarm in a focussed way: A heart alarm, for example, is sent directly to the correct location, thereby ensuring that competent assistance arrives on the scene more quickly. However, IP technology also opens the way for many technologies in the future. Every patient terminal also contains an interface for operating elements for the most seriously disabled.

Certified in accordance with VDE 0834
Certified in accordance with VDE 0834

An accredited and independent organisation confirms that VISOCALL IP completely complies to the current directives for call systems.

The upstream open standard platform

By using standard network technology, affordable modules and standard cabling, VISOCALL IP is simple and affordable to install. Even the decentralised hardware and software concept contributes considerably to minimising the servicing expenditure. Existing systems remain fully operational, with previous investment costs being guaranteed by the backwards compatibility of the VISOCALL IP with all VISOCALL systems.

IP – Proven a million times over

IP (Internet Protocol) forms the foundations for the Internet, and therefore is the mostly widely spread, upstream open technological platform for all communications tasks. With the help of IP, intelligent systems or networks within larger networks can address one another easily, and establish secure connections between each other.

Benefits for management and technicians

The deployment of IP network technology and the use of standard components considerably reduce the installation costs. Only a small number of staff members are needed to operate the system. The permanent self-monitoring of all system modules including cabling as well as automatic forwarding of faults to technicians increase security and ease of use.

Remote maintenance saves servicing costs

The flexible real-time fault management system and an easy-to-use log management process enable rapid and efficient intervention. Consequently, service costs are reduced to a minimum. A centralized firmware upload and configuration files, the possibility of remote diagnosis direct to the patient terminal as well as plug-in RJ45 connections ensure decisive cost savings in all modules.

Self-disconnecting plugs
Self-disconnecting plugs

An example for intelligent, cost-saving detailed solutions: In the event of strain in any direction, the self-disconnecting plugs give in, and pop out of the plug module.
This protects plugs, sockets and cables and prevents damage – for example when the patient bed is moved.

  • Future-oriented platform for many applications
  • The highest level of security and system availability
  • Antimicrobial construction of operating devices reduces the risk of spreading of pathogens
  • Highest level of protection against system failure, permanent self-monitoring and system availability
  • Reduced overall investment and maintenance costs

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La empresa, con sede central en Viena, desarrolla, diseña y fabrica sistemas de comunicación en Austria.

VISOCALL IP es un sistema de tecnología IP utilizado en hospitales y residencias de mayores de gran flexibilidad que permite la integración junto a sistemas existentes de comunicación hospitalaria. VISOCALL IP gestiona las llamadas de paciente enfermería mediante tecnología IP, así como el control de TV, Radio, Sistemas de entretenimiento y otros sistemas en una única plataforma.

La red, basada en tecnología IP, constituye una manera económica, segura y ampliable, por todas sus funciones, para el sector sanitario. VISOCALL IP está certificado por VDE 0834, que asegura la fiabilidad y disponibilidad permanente ALL IN ONE, ONE FOR ALL.