Communication systems & multimedia solutions

One system – many functions

VISOCALL IP brings together care, information, service, organisation and billing in hospitals, using a common functional platform. IP-based network technology forms the economical, secure and extendible structure for all functions and services in the care sector.


More about VISOCALL IP

All in one – one for all.

The advantages of one single system

A multitude of different systems and technologies, where the individual branches often even have proprietary interfaces, is accompanied by a multitude of possible sources of errors. Boiling it all down to a single platform increases security and minimizes costs.

For the protection of patients

Maximum failsafety

VISOCALL IP is made up of decentralised modules that communicate independently with each other. There is no centralised control unit, which eliminates the possibility of a total system failure. VISOCALL IP is VDE 0834-certified – proof of its high level of reliability and permanent system availability.

Maximum efficiency

Economical to install and operate

One system – one topology – one standardized cable for data, voice and multimedia – many functions and features....

Easy to plan, economical to install and operate.

Optimized care

Staff member workload is eased

Precise information is available quickly and on the move. The devices are intuitive to operate and help setting priorities. The speech function frees staff members from making unnecessary journeys. This saves time and resources.

TV & Multimedia Terminals

First-class service & entertainment for patients

A hotel-like feeling, offering the latest level of convenience and an extensive range of services increases the attractiveness of every healthcare facility.


System overview

The entire system at a glance

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La empresa, central principal en Viena, desarrolla, diseña y fabrica sistemas de comunicación en Austria y ofrece redundancia completa.

VISOCALL IP se llama el sistema establecido que se usa en hospitales y residencias de mayores. La tecnología IP garantiza el futuro y forma una base para la integración de sistemas terceras al lado de ser equipado por todas las tareas en comunicación hospitalera. VISOCALL IP junta llamadas de enfermería a través de IP, control de la tele, IP radio, IP telefonía, control de la luz y de las persianas, LAN, integración de llamadas de emergencia, cobertura entretenimiento y más en una plataforma sola.

La red basada de la tecnología IP constituye una manera económica, segura y ampliable por todas funciones en el sector del cuido. VISOCALL IP es certificado por VDE 0834 que asegura la fiabilidad y la disponibilidad permanente. ALL IN ONE, ONE FOR ALL.