Innovative and efficient

SecurWATCH IP is a comprehensive Real Time Location System (RTLS) that reliably locates people in dangerous situations both inside and outside a building. State-of-the-art technology ensures unprecedented efficiency. Thanks to the interactive system, patients and staff can move freely under a reliable safety net.

Patient emergency call

With our IP system and the possibility of wireless emergency calls, we improve the patient's sense of security. In an emergency - such as a fall - the patient can call for help via an emergency button on the bracelet transponder. The nurse knows from whom the emergency call was triggered and where the person is located.

Disorientation protection

If a patient leaves a protected area, an alarm with the patients information and the relevant door is generated. This is triggered according to the situation and displayed where it is required. Our IP system protects the patient while allowing freedom of movement and preserving their quality of life.

Infant protection

Our IP-based system assits hospitals to prevent kidnapping or the wrong mother-child assignment to maternity unit. Immediately after birth, mother and child receive individual tags. This protection is also given in case of multiple births (twins, triplets, etc.).

Personnel emergency

The safety of employees and staff comes first. For people in potentially dangerous workplaces such as psychiatry or law enforcement, emergency call functionality and immediate, accurate localisation play an important role. Our IP system makes it possible to quickly summon support in critical situations.

All-round monitoring

The system provides a visual localisation of an unlimited number of objects and devices in real time via a reliable and powerful user interface. It can be used by small organisations as well as large companies with multiple locations.


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