Voice Evacuation

APS Technology

With this APS generation, g+m elektronik has developed a smart system solution for all users. The system is completely user-friendly and assured future-proof due to additional features such as LAN networking and DSP technology. It helps save maintenance costs and a standard network connection is enough to transmit data and digitalised audio signals simultaneously over large distances. This brand sets global standards.

The open and modular complete system for acoustic, PA and voice alarm, as well as evacuation systems has a variety of different interfaces. This offers a high degree of flexibility, when connecting other systems.
Therefore, it is possible to integrate monitoring of non-acoustic systems, as well as building management systems or our Schrack Seconet fire alarm systems. When it comes to the safety of people, quick and comprehensible information can save lives during emergencies. Automatic and permanent monitoring ensures access to operator guidance and system feedback during an error detection due to an interface interruption.

The APS software tools make the monitoring and remote maintenance of any system simple. It is possible to analyse all functions of a complete system quickly and efficiently from a remote computer with modem and integrated RS-232 interface. Errors are immediately located and rectified using practical diagnostic tools.

APS technology is used within various spaces, such as shopping centres, public and office buildings, hospitals, public transportation and many more.



The VA-450 is a compact all-inclusive voice evacuation system integrating all important functions and components. It is suitable for various premises and installations in which a PA system is used for emergency announcements and is thus a central part of the safety and security concept. The permanent self-surveillance provides warning of failure to any component critical to system operation and switches over automatically to the integrated emergency power supply.

The System consists of three fully independent amplifiers both 150 W and one stand-by amplifier, as well as two monitored inputs for triggering of evacuation and alert messages. It is fully self-monitored, has a built-in MP3 module and comes with an integrated and monitored battery backup. Further features, which make it reliable in every situation is the amplifier and loudspeaker monitoring and furthermore the fault logging.

Electroacoustic Innovations

 Swiss Made - Far beyond the borders of Europe the electroacoustic developments continue to set new standards in the markets. These trendsetting solutions are developed, designed and manufactured with Swiss quality.

Acoustic voice alarm systems are used in case of high risk emergency situations, where every second counts. These sound amplification and sound distribution systems are part of fire alarm systems.








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