In everyday life, a wide range of security systems mean a plethora of information (alarms, fault message, etc.), which are routed over a variety of transmission paths, with differing techniques, individual logic and even in different languages to different recipients.

In particular, in the event of an alarm, stringent requirements are placed on staff: Threats must be detected quickly under pressure and the right decisions taken as rapidly as possible. The need for space, cost, competence conflicts and not least the time factor demand a concentration of all security systems in a single common platform.

The SecoLOG IP alarm management system offers a unified, concentrated display and operation for the Integral IP fire alarm system. Events and conditions, as well as all technical processes inside buildings or areas are combined on one or more workstations into text and graphics visibly and in a standard manner. This offers a significantly faster reaction option in the event of an alarm or danger. Through defined interactive processes, actions can be taken significantly earlier and conflicts of priorities avoided.

Key highlights
  • Intelligent interfaces
  • Individual design of the user interface for each user and workstation
  • Logging of all events, connections and system activities
  • Configurable customer-specific reports and assessments
  • Automatic communication via SMS or e-mail
  • Convenient full-text search (e.g. by room number, etc.)
  • Dynamic zoom function
  • Password system with role and group functions
  • Configurable workflows and control processes can be triggered automatically or manually
  • Connection via TCP/IP or RS-232/422/485
  • Certified for Integral IP to ÖNORM F 3003 (fire alarm control system)

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