Protect lives – secure values

Protect lives – secure values
Developed with people in mind

Safety is a valuable asset. At Schrack Seconet, we have made it our duty to develop systems and solutions for people to increase their safety, thereby making the world a safer place. Our products represent the highest level of technology, are easy to operate and help build confidence.

Highest level of reliability thanks to full redundancy

It is the fire alarm control panel's job to detect a fire at the earliest possible point in time and to alert the action forces. However, this is not possible, when a single fault is sufficient to prevent it from functioning properly. 

Redundancy of hardware, software, power supply and line routing guarantees highest availability and absolute failsafety. All functions, displays and controls remain fully functional even in the event of a fault.

Proven know how and IP technology are standard

All Integral IP control panels are equipped with an IP interface, thus supporting the Internet protocol. The control panels can also be monitored via remote access by intelligent software applications using a PC, smartphone or tablet device.

Intuitive, simple operation

The operating panel is the same in all Integral IP control panels: Clear arrangement of keys and logical workflows ensure the overview required, key labelling and display texts are available in more than 20 languages.

Flexible interfaces

Integral IP control panels are equipped with various interfaces and standardized protocols, such as BACnet, OPC, ESPA or Modbus and are compatible with systems of other sectors, such as building management.

Reassuring investment security

A high degree of forward and backward compatibility of products is particularly important to us. Step-by-step modernisation of older fire alarm systems can be carried out in a simple and flexible fashion, and therefore always is an investment in the future.

Easy programming and planning

All Integral IP control panels are simply and clearly programmed and designed with only one software tool. Logical connections of inputs with controls can be executed in a highly flexible way – even across loops and several control panels.

Made in Austria & Germany

Schrack Seconet places great importance on high quality products. Our technologically valuable fire alarm systems are therefore developed and manufactured in Austria and in Germany and are in use around the globe.


Please find further information in our brochure "Protect lives – secure values".

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La empresa, con sede central en Viena, desarrolla, diseña y fabrica sistemas de comunicación en Austria.

VISOCALL IP es un sistema de tecnología IP utilizado en hospitales y residencias de mayores de gran flexibilidad que permite la integración junto a sistemas existentes de comunicación hospitalaria. VISOCALL IP gestiona las llamadas de paciente enfermería mediante tecnología IP, así como el control de TV, Radio, Sistemas de entretenimiento y otros sistemas en una única plataforma.

La red, basada en tecnología IP, constituye una manera económica, segura y ampliable, por todas sus funciones, para el sector sanitario. VISOCALL IP está certificado por VDE 0834, que asegura la fiabilidad y disponibilidad permanente ALL IN ONE, ONE FOR ALL.