COVID-19: We are still at your service!

COVID-19: We are still at your service!

In view of the current situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus, Schrack Seconet believes that it is important to provide our customers and partners with the most important information concerning ongoing business at our company. First things first: We are still in operation – our employees are still available to assist you in all our branches worldwide. The accessibility of our Technical Support is guaranteed as well.

The best possible support for you

The health of our customers, partners and employees is also our top priority under these exceptional circumstances that we are all currently facing. That is why we have taken the necessary precautions to limit the further spread of the coronavirus and to maintain optimum health. However, we are also committed to doing everything in our power to continue to provide reliable support for our customers and to uphold cooperation in the best possible way!

As a result, most of our work is being carried out at home wherever possible, which means that your contact persons are still available to you via telephone and e-mail. Providing the best possible support and assistance is still extremely important to us. Personal customer appointments are currently not possible so as to keep personal interaction to a minimum, avoid business trips and comply with official regulations. Our employees will remain available for your concerns and support.

Our logistics department is making every effort to carry out all deliveries as far as possible so we can ensure our ability to deliver. Unfortunately, some limitations or longer delivery times cannot be avoided completely due to current obstacles at the borders and flight restrictions. We will certainly monitor our supply chain closely and inform you should there be any further restrictions or changes. Your usual contact persons are also available to answer any questions you may have regarding your delivery.

The situation can change at a moment’s notice. Nevertheless, we want to provide the best possible support to our business partners with the same high-level service. We will keep you up to date and assure you that we remain operational for as well as possible. 

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La empresa, con sede central en Viena, desarrolla, diseña y fabrica sistemas de comunicación en Austria.

VISOCALL IP es un sistema de tecnología IP utilizado en hospitales y residencias de mayores de gran flexibilidad que permite la integración junto a sistemas existentes de comunicación hospitalaria. VISOCALL IP gestiona las llamadas de paciente enfermería mediante tecnología IP, así como el control de TV, Radio, Sistemas de entretenimiento y otros sistemas en una única plataforma.

La red, basada en tecnología IP, constituye una manera económica, segura y ampliable, por todas sus funciones, para el sector sanitario. VISOCALL IP está certificado por VDE 0834, que asegura la fiabilidad y disponibilidad permanente ALL IN ONE, ONE FOR ALL.