Hearing and seeing alarms: The new multiple sensor detectors

multiple sensor detector

International studies show that voice announcements for alerting purposes are extremely effective. In the Austrian TRVB 123 (technical regulations for preventive fire protection)it has also been specified that a voice alarm system is to be preferred over alerting by means of sirens. Apart from acoustical signal and voice announcement, Schrack Seconet products can also emit standard-complying optical alarm signals.

One product – two functions

“With this type of signalling we are fully meeting the two-senses principle of barrier-free construction,” says product manager Harald Kobermann. According to this principle at least two of the three senses “hearing”, “seeing” “touching/feeling” have to be addressed for information uptake.

Sophisticated technology and the highest quality virtually turn the multiple sensor detectors MTD 533X-S and MTD 553X-SP into “all-rounders”. For the detectors come with the entire information technology on board. They offer duplicated functionality – sensitive detection of smoke and heat and a great variety of alarm types. The innovative CUBUS Levelling of the detectors significantly increases security. The fire detector actively, permanently and automatically adapts its sensitivity to environmental conditions. The consequence is optimum response behaviour and reduction of deceptive alarms to a minimum. Furthermore, the detectors offer increased flexibility in case of changes in use as well as optimized installation costs.

Currently the detectors speak German, English, French or Italian. The integration of other languages is being prepared. 

The USB 502-20 detector socket with integrated illuminated ring can be attached to any detector. The integrated optical light transmission bar enables an additional optical indication apart from the alarm LED of the detector employed. “The optical alarm signal is visible at a full angle of 360°," explains product manager Patrick Hubmeier. “It is exclusively used for additional alarm signalling and not as an emergency route sign.” 

The multiple sensor detector with integrated acoustics is particularly suited for locations where specifically reliable detection is required on the one hand and on the other hand signalling with clearly understandable information. Therefore its use is recommended for public buildings, hotels, kindergartens or office buildings.

The multiple sensor detectors on YouTube

You can here watch a film about "Alarm signalling":

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