New flashing lights and combi-alarm devices

Flashing lights

On January 1, 2014, EN 54-23 for visual alarm devices entered into force. A completely new and, of course, standard-compliant range of products is available to Schrack Seconet customers.

Optimum economy combined with state-of-the-art technology

From luminous intensity to light colour and flash rate down to signalling sector and mounting location – the European standard (EN) 54-23 accurately specifies the requirements that visual alarm devices (VADs) have to meet. New installations have to comply with this standard, while existing systems have to be retrofitted only in the course of a major refurbishment. The new regulations concern both flashing lights and combi-devices (flashing light/siren).

The scope of application for flashing lights and combi-alarm devices is rather diversified. They are particularly useful where people with impaired hearing have to be alerted, such as in hospitals, old people's homes as well as in highly-frequented locations like shopping malls. But their use is also highly advisable in companies with a high noise level, where staff have to wear hearing protection.

“The two-senses principle (warning by means of siren and flash) becomes increasingly popular. Therefore it was clear to us that we had to expand our range of products accordingly”, says product manager Patrick Hubmeier.

To comply with this new regulation, Schrack Seconet has come up with a completely new range of products in record time. This was made possible by the perfect cooperation of all the departments involved, which resulted in products with the best technical features and optimum economy.

Patrick Hubmeier is particularly proud of the great variety of products: “This makes it possible for us to meet the specific requirements and requests of our customers in a flexible way."

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