The Finest Luxury and Complete Security in the Maldives

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Sun, sea and sand - everyone enjoys escaping from their everyday stress and heading off on holiday for rest and relaxation. No-one wants to have worry about their own safety on holiday - but no-one is exempt from the possibility of accidents and emergencies on holiday. Consequently it is even more important that hotels are equipped with appropriate emergency call systems. As is the case with the VELAA luxury hotel, which ensures its guests' security in the Maldives in conjunction with Schrack Seconet.

VISOCALL IP in a Luxury Hotel

The VELAA Private Island luxury resort in the Noonu Atoll in the Indian Ocean offers its guests every holiday maker's heart's desire from white sands to turquoise sea water as well as the highest living comfort. Above all, however, the operator of this recently opened luxury hotel places particular value on its guests' security with a Schrack Seconet emergency call system. After all no-one is exempt from the risk of accidents or emergencies on holiday.

It was not practically possible, due to the existing fibre optic network on the private island, to deploy a conventional emergency call system - only an IP technology-based system could be considered: Using VISOCALL IP, Schrack Seconet was able to use the hotel's backbone network in a simple and uncomplicated manner, networking the many individual buildings on the island using fibre optic cable with one another, and thereby creating an emergency call system with the highest possible security.

The showers and toilets in all villas have been fitted with panic buttons. Depending on the size of the villas, between two and nine call and cancel buttons have been installed in every villa. At the main reception as well as the reception of the SPA water bungalow, there are Staff Terminals for intuitive and rapid intervention in the event of an emergency.

VISOCALL IP has therefore proven itself to not only be perfectly suited for use in hospitals and care homes, but also for hotels and resorts as well as many other public buildings - the range of uses and options are almost endless. For example, the airport in Bratislava has also been fitted with a Schrack Seconet emergency call system. Existing backbone networks can be used optimally in conjunction with VISOCALL IP. As you can see: Schrack Seconet has your security at heart everywhere.

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La empresa, con sede central en Viena, desarrolla, diseña y fabrica sistemas de comunicación en Austria.

VISOCALL IP es un sistema de tecnología IP utilizado en hospitales y residencias de mayores de gran flexibilidad que permite la integración junto a sistemas existentes de comunicación hospitalaria. VISOCALL IP gestiona las llamadas de paciente enfermería mediante tecnología IP, así como el control de TV, Radio, Sistemas de entretenimiento y otros sistemas en una única plataforma.

La red, basada en tecnología IP, constituye una manera económica, segura y ampliable, por todas sus funciones, para el sector sanitario. VISOCALL IP está certificado por VDE 0834, que asegura la fiabilidad y disponibilidad permanente ALL IN ONE, ONE FOR ALL.